Welcome to my little world! My name is Donna and I'm the mother of one very spoiled kitty named Clarice. I was a banker for over 20 years but now I'm a SAHM and loving every minute of it. I'm a super, huge Bon Jovi fan and an avid cross stitcher. I love decorating my home with flea market finds, primitive style items and vintage items. My hubby says if the last three generations threw it out as trash it'll end up in our house as a decoration.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Happy 29th Anniversary to us

So this week Mark has been in Europe and will be for another 5 days so I've been making the most of my time.   Lots of rearranging, fluffing and home improvement projects but those are for another post. 

Before Mark left on his trip I found a primitive local auction house and conned him into stopping by for the preview.  He just couldn't see anything worth staying for so I ran him back home then drove 95 to nothing to get back in time for the start.  I also might have mentioned that he was going to be gone for our 29th wedding anniversary so buying a special piece would be a nice gesture.  LOL!  There were a lot of people but I met some really nice people and I plan on being there every time the doors are open.....of course!  There was just so many awesome things but unfortunately some went for more than I wanted to spend since I had spotted a pie safe that just had to come home with me and of course it was offered later in the evening.  I have wanted a pie safe for the last 30 years but just never found the right one at the right time but this time the stars all aligned.   So here is in the dining room and I love it!!!!!  All it took was a quick swipe of murphy's oil soap and then it was decorating time.   Mark's not crazy about the doors being open so I have comprised and keep one door shut....hey that's a huge comprise for me!   I have promised Mark that no more furniture will come in unless something else goes out so I have to sell my dry sink that I had in the dining room but this home is smaller so editing collections is a good thing.

I was also able to snap up this pine bench and it looks great on the staircase or at least for the moment that's where it is residing.   Oh and the basket below it came from the auction as well. 

I did some rearranging and managed to finally get my small cabinet hung.  I love it because it shows off my sheep beautifully and it was a dead area before at the area between the kitchen hallway and garage. 

Ok next post will be the big home improvement addition while Mark was away.  Do something today that makes you smile my friends.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thrifty Thursday

The thrifting gods have been smiling on me lately and I'm on a roll that I hope doesn't end any time soon.  LOL!

First one of my best scores ever.....my first Stone fruit $10 for all at GW.  Notice I said my first because I've heard that stone fruit is very addicting. 

Then this sewing cabinet that I'd love to get more info on.  It still has a few spools of thread in the box but I'm having a hard time dating it.  Any ideas from y'all? 

I've picked up several platters of this Currier and Ives pattern Blue from the 50's/60's and I just love it. The pieces that I've been lucky enough to pick up have all been under $3 each so this may also become a new collection but it will be one that I can use.

And even though I didn't buy any of the next items I got a chance to revisit my childhood last week while shopping with my friend Carla at the flea markets.  My younger cousin, Stephen loved Hong Kong Phooey
 Santa brought my brother Jeff this horse one year for Christmas
He also brought me and my younger cousin Donnie and Marie dolls one year

One of my favorite gifts ever was this Barbie Camper complete with the pop out tent!  Oh how I loved that camper

My best friend Donna had this game and I really loved playing it at her house

Well that's it for thrifty Thursday so hope y'all do something today that makes you smile.  As for me maybe I'll head back and play a round of Mystery Date ;) 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summertime, Summertime, Sum Sum, Summertime

I know everyone is as tired of the heat as I am and these damn hot flashes are just making things worse.  It seems like I'm constantly pushing or pulling my wet hair off my neck and face or swiping at the sweat running down my face or fanning myself with whatever is within my reach....if I make it thru this summer without losing my mind it'll be a miracle.   I have always been the person that didn't sweat but that has changed and I feel just miserable 99% of the time.  I feel sorry for Mark because our roles have completely swapped and he's staying bundled up trying to get warm while I'm pulling off whatever clothing is optional.  Please tell me this will stop soon!!!!!!!

We had visitors again and while I was so excited to see them the fact that they completely felt comfortable around us worries me a bit.  Clarice and I watched them for quite awhile before Mark even got home from work then we all watched them together.  Keep in mind they were walking around from the back yard to the front while Mark was driving down the driveway, opening the garage, ect.......they weren't scared at all.  Crazy!!!!

So we decided that maybe my cat containment system might need a little more work to keep them off the porch.  You may recall that I designed it while Mark was out of town and while it worked it wasn't really a permanent or even nice looking solution. 

So we built this over the 4th holiday and I'm pretty happy with the results.  The previous owners had this piece of ironwork hung on the rafters of the porch and I planned on removing it at some point.  It just wasn't quite my style even though it's perfect for this house and location so I designed ....ahem ok Mark designed it after I tried explaining my latest hare brain idea.  Now it just needs to be painted but according to the guys at the paint store it needs to weather in place for 5 to 6 months before I do it.  I don't think I'll be able to wait that long but I may be able to wait a few more weeks  ;)  Mark is just happy that I didn't drag home some old door, shutter or garden gate him to use instead of "normal" building materials.  LOL

We also finally bought a grill or rather I should say I bought a grill and all Mark had to do was pick it up at the store.  It was even assembled and thank goodness the previous owners had a gas line run out on the porch already so all we had to do was hook it up.  We have been without one basically since we went to Germany in 2012 so I was missing it a lot.  I just hate heating up the house in the summer and I enjoy grilling a lot....less mess to clean up so cleaner kitchen is a win for me as well.   Now I just have to keep the bears from trying to eat the grill so I've been very diligent in cleaning it. 

And this afternoon I also got an answer to the age old question "Does a bear shit in the woods" and that answer is "No it shits on my driveway".   Just another reason why this gal should wear shoes when she goes outside to cut flowers for the house.  Yuck! 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Collections part 2

So back in April I started talking about some of my collections and how they started in some cases.  I decided yesterday to tour my home and see what other collections I have that I never even noticed had been become collections.
                                                     Ironstone and bottles

This was an instantly made collection when I got all these bottles at Good Will for $8


Crewel pillow with birds and house

Back porch

Front porch

BBD Their Song in antique frame

Love this crow on a old bed post knob and just grubby

Love, love this bird

Birds of a Feather Alphabet Sampler

Old Crow by La D Da

Whisk Brooms
Wedding cake toppers and I acquired a couple more last week

Stieff Bears

So now tell me what you have in your home that you didn't even realize had turned into a collection.
Happy 4th and stay safe during all the celebrations.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Latest happenings at the Harris'

Last weekend I attended an estate sale that was just great.  I didn't go until the 2nd day which totally worked in my favor because it was 1/2 off day which is my favorite day!  This collector had a lot of crocks, quilts and lots of just cool items but since it was the 2nd day a lot of things were gone already like all the crocks, quilts and most furniture which was fine because I didn't need any of those things.  Notice I said "need" not "want" because I always want those things but look at what I did score:

Little cast iron sheep $4

Perfect condition coverlet in pumpkin gold $45

Well loved coverlet in taupe gold color $10

Bonnet needle keeper $1
Isn't it cute?

beautiful cross stitched pillow cover and the stitching is AMAZING for $4.  I plan on using it at the holidays because it reminds me of poinsettia flowers

Small piece of coverlet to use on a tabletop, dresser or in a bowl

And so much more sewing items like huge bags of lace, trim and buttons for $1, Shiny Brite box of ornaments for $1.50, wooden German bread plate for $2 and a couple of ironstone pieces.  I was so happy I dropped by it and now I just have to find homes for my newest treasures.

Also since we've had issues with bears knocking our trash cans over and down the mountain, we decided to build a Bear Proof Trash Containment System.  Well actually Mark built it while I was gone so all I had to do was help putting the finishing touches on it.  Lucky for me I found the cute PA Dutch sign at the estate sale for $1 and I knew it'd be a great addition.  I spent 2 days painting this huge monster but I think it was well worth the time.
 Top lifts up for daily use to access the cans and the door opens for them to be removed.  I finally finished painting the inside of it this afternoon and was so happy until I realized the dang clerk at Home Depot mixed interior flat paint not exterior paint like it should have been.  I have to go back in the morning to make the exchange with them and I guess paint it again this weekend.  I could have strangled her so it was best that I was just too tired to go argue with them.