Welcome to my little world! My name is Donna and I'm the mother of one very spoiled kitty named Clarice. I was a banker for over 20 years but now I'm a SAHM and loving every minute of it. I'm a super, huge Bon Jovi fan and an avid cross stitcher. I love decorating my home with flea market finds, primitive style items and vintage items. My hubby says if the last three generations threw it out as trash it'll end up in our house as a decoration.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Stitching 2016

Between moving, unpacking, projects and just general life it feels like I've lost my stitching mojo.  When we finished the back porches I was just sure my mojo would return but sadly it's still lacking.  Oh well we're 5months into the year and here's the few things I've finished:

These little pretties were a quick weekend stitch  Spring's Notice and Savior Faire by Blackbird Designs

From Me to Thee  

Evening Shades in the Garden
                                                                  Spring Fling
I have this one finished except for the border and hope to finish it this next week.

Midnight Watch
was started in 2009 and finally finished in 2015 but I have now backed it with a great orange print.  I'm not sure if I'll stuff it to use as a pillow this fall or just hang it as a wallhanging.

I'm also stitching Autumn Silhouette that I was loaned thru the fb Blackbird Lending Library gals and I'm loving it.  Maybe this means my stitching mojo is returning!

I stitched Bluebird's Message back when we were living in Germany.  I didn't hang it when we got back because the colors were just so bright.  Today I was at an Estate Sale on 50% off day and spotted this Homer Laughlin platter and knew it was just what Bluebird needed so I whipped out my $5 and hurried home to hang it in my kitchen.  I just think they are perfect together but what do you think?

Do something today that makes you happy and I think I'll stitch on the porch!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thrifty Thursday

This is the first time I've jumped on the Thrifty Thursday bandwagon but better late than never as they say.....so who is "they" and why is what they say important?  It's questions like me that keep me from sleeping well at night and give y'all insight to just how wacky crazy I really am. 

Anywhoooo got distracted but I had an awesome day yesterday thrifting and want to share my haul with ya or at least the pictures of my haul.  I'm not crazy enough to give my new treasures away!  I haven't had much luck thrifting here in NC since the move but I think that's partly because I have been so busy purging my home of  clutter that I'm really choosy about what I'm bringing in the house.  I made a list of stores that I hadn't been to yet and I found a couple of things like 2 heavy pewter wine glasses for $4, a tiny butter mold with an acorn for $1 and a couple books for $2.  So nothing earth shattering but I did find a pants presser that Mark has been asking for  the last 15 to 20 years.  It was a singer and new but best of all only $15 so I was pleased because I knew it would thrill him and it did!  They retail for over $300 so the chances of me ever buying him one wasn't great.  I drug that thing all thru the store because I didn't have a cart to put it in so I'll have some new bruises tomorrow I'm sure.  I stopped and got myself a strawberry milkshake and headed for home.  Then I passed my favorite Good Will and I debated stopping or not....seriously debated because it was raining and getting close to 4:00 so wanted to get home before Mark did but dang, I was right there at it so maybe just a quick run thru then home.  I found a Tea Leaf Ironstone sugar bowl with no lid but at $3 that lid didn't matter much, then I ran across a snowman redware plate for $2 and antique frame for one of my samplers was $9 so I was feeling pretty good about my quick run thru.  Then I remembered that I hadn't check the craft or linen items so a quick pass down that aisle and the thrifting gods smiled down on me.....angels singing....crowds parting to allow me thru and there it was a COVERLET!!!! I snatched it off the rack so fast before anyone else could see it.  I swear it was a magical moment of me clutching it and just happy dancing all the way to checkout.  But wait there's no tag on it....what no tag....in GA that means it goes to the back and will not be restocked on the floor until the next day.  Oh no!!!!!  The clerk said "let me call a manager over" and I'm sweating bullets because I WANT THE COVERLET and NOT LEAVING WITHOUT IT.  Guy walks up says "well how's $5 for this old material sound to you"  I couldn't get my money out fast enough to pay for it and then I sprinted for my car.  I could just seeing them chasing after me to say they made a mistake with that price.  I mean I basically stole it and I just couldn't believe they had no idea what it was.  All the way home I was grinning like an idiot and banging on the steering wheel shouting $5 he said $5!  I have a few that I've picked up at estate sales and the least expensive one was $75 with some damage.  This one is pristine and I really think it's a Family Heirloom Weavers coverlet so not an antique but still it's amazing.  This was just the best day and I'm still grinning but so is Mark over his $15 pants presser. 

Do something today that makes you happy!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Lions, Tigers and Bears.....oh my!!!!

We had our first visitors here a week ago Saturday while we were working in the garage.  I had gone into the house and Clarice got out so I walked around the corner of the house to fine her.  As I rounded the corner the neighbor below me yelled to me the bears were in my back yard.  I turned around quickly and hightailed it back in the house while alerting Mark to come see with me.  This is who was visiting me......can you see the one little one climbing the tree?  I might have even cried a little while watching them.

I told Mark that Clarice was outside so he went off to find her.  She was waiting at the front door wanting back into her safe house.  She liked watching them from the safety of her upstairs deck.  I'm pretty brave as well since I figured I could get back into the house before the bear could get up the stairs so I watched them for a long time until Momma decided it was time to mosey along.  I ran to tell Mark to close the garage door because she was leading them up the stairs towards the driveway. 

Then she noticed the garbage cans and bags in the driveway so she stopped to see if we had any snacks.  We have the cans latched shut so she didn't find anything worthwhile so they moved on.  But not before she stood up on her back legs and looked into my truck.  She left drool on the windows but thank goodness it was all locked up so that was that.  Then she turned towards the car and Mark said 'I hope she doesn't mess with the car"  then I reminded him the Porsche was also parked out there under the car cover which sent him into a panic.  He started yelling at the bear thru the windows and waving his arms  around trying to scare her off.  I about wet myself....oh who are we kidding I did wet myself......from laughing so hard!

All the pictures were taken using my cell phone so probably not the best ones but wanted to share them with y'all.  I'm hoping that they will come visit again really soon.

Do something that makes you smile, I'm on bear lookout!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Making dreams come true!

Mark probably like most guys has long wished for a Dream Garage with storage, places for all his tools, car stuff and if truth be known, a place he could call his own without all my junk laying around.  When we bought this house it had  a very, very steep driveway and a 2 car garage which was not ideal for his dream or his car.  But it had these awesome views, location and porches so we both adjusted our dreams because no house is perfect!  A couple of weeks ago he found a great sale on garage cabinets which was the foundation of his new adjusted dream garage so I told him to go for it.  I mean I have my craft closet which admittedly cost a fraction of what his garage dream would cost but I benefit as well because now he could find things which means he would have more time to help me build my genius (harebrain) ideas.  So he ordered everything, it was delivered and then the fun really got started.....yeah right.  We painted the walls and trim, had the garage door opener changed, ordered lighting and prepared for Home Project 1,000,001 which in true Harris' style will be monumental.  First came the flooring which snaps together and is used in racing pits so it's very durable.  He did surprise me when he said it was a 4 color design but after we started laying it I totally agreed with his decision.  The checkered areas outlined in red is the "car parking" area only according to him and the slate areas outside that is work/storage space.....I think that is suppose to keep me in line or at least in space.  We still have to install new lighting and we will be installing a car lift at some point that will move his car up then he can park his daily car under it and I'll get the other bay....wahoo hopefully before next winter.   I need to hang some of his car prints out there and label some of the shelves so I can find stuff easier. 

I'm so very happy that he did it because he really just beams every time he walks in there.  Oh and I did get 3 small cabinets to store yard stuff/décor.  Again he ordered everything on line at great prices just like what we did for the bathroom remodel as well.  This man researches everything to the nth degree to find the best value for the money and it only took us one weekend to get everything sorted and installed.