Welcome to my little world! My name is Donna and I'm the mother of one very spoiled kitty named Clarice. I was a banker for over 20 years but now I'm a SAHM and loving every minute of it. I'm a super, huge Bon Jovi fan and an avid cross stitcher. I love decorating my home with flea market finds, primitive style items and vintage items. My hubby says if the last three generations threw it out as trash it'll end up in our house as a decoration.

Friday, December 17, 2010

One of those Grinchy Moods

Don't you just hate when you get into the bah humbug frame of mind this time of year?  I swear some days I should just pull the covers over my head and not subject everyone to my moods.  I don't know why but today everyone that spoke to me was in danger of losing their heads!  Clarice has been thrown out of the tv room twice tonight and now she's rattling the doors trying to get back in but she's used her Get Out Of Jail Free card today.  She's taken to clawing Mark's chair when she thinks we're not playing enough with her and I've just reached the end of my rope.  We've fought a lot about declawing her for months but if she keeps this up I might lose the battle.  Last night she slipped past Mark when he went outside to feed the boys and we didn't miss her for about 10 minutes then we started tearing the house apart trying to find her.  I kept asking Mark if he was sure she didn't get out but he insisted there was no way!  I went outside called her but no Clarice.  At that point Mark was starting to panic when he saw her hiding in the planters down below the deck.  She's gonna be the death of me yet!  She's never been outside unless she was on a leash so it was a moment of terror when we were trying to catch her.  Two overweight adults running thru the yard in the rain in the pitch black trying to catch a black cat was quite a humorous scene...too bad there wasn't a video camera catching it because we'd probably won America's Funniest Video show.

We're shorthanded and the super brite powers that be sent out packets (and I do mean packets) of account information to customers and they are freaking out!  This is worse than when we failed and I honestly didn't think it could get much worse than that.  And this is priceless.....but one of the disclosures states that we'll be charging "dormant" fees if you don't use your account or maintain a certain balance and guess what.....no one bothered to check Georgia State Banking laws and we can't do what they told customers that we'd be doing.  Last week in class when they reviewed the disclosures with us, I asked if anyone checked the law because I didn't think that was correct.  Still no one checked so I did a quick google search and there it was!  WTF!  I brought it to senior management's attention yesterday and still no one has acknowledged it.

We've still got to finish some last minute shopping tomorrow so I certainly hope my mood improves.  We're still pondering what to get the dads and just can't think of anything.  I'm usually full of ideas but drawing a complete blank for this year.  Maybe something will pop into my head tonight in my dreams.  Hope all your shopping is done and if not that you don't cross my path tomorrow...LOL!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Merry Holidays

Time just seems to fly by this time of year but this weekend I have put on the brakes and enjoying just some time at home.  Mark's been in meetings since Wednesday so he's been in and out but mostly out.  I've just hung around in my jammies playing house, cross stitching and reading every one's blogs.  It's been a glorious day!  I've played with all my latest goodwill treasures and re-arranged things.  It's such a relaxing activity for me even if it does mean 100 trips from the basement to the upper rooms.  I wonder how many calories I've burned off today?  Maybe it's enough to cover all the cookies that I've snacked on all day.

We had a Christmas party Thursday night for all my employees and spouses.  We actually went to eat at a local Italian place then back to our house for dessert.  It was a nice time and very low stress for me.  I only had to make 3 kinds of cookies, 2 cakes and  I bought some candies which is a lot less than I'd have to do if I'd cooked dinner.  Whew!   Clarice entertained everyone by climbing the Christmas tree and tearing around the house.  She's gonna be the death of me or more than likely Mark since he encourages her to climb the tree.

We made our arrangements to go home for Christmas and I'm so excited.  We've not been home since this time last year and can't wait to see everyone.  The kids are growing up so fast and by March they will all be teenagers...where has the time gone?  It seems like just yesterday that Zared was born and now he's in college.  I miss all them so much and will try to cram in all the Auntie time they will allow me this year.  I know I'm not as cool as I used to be to them but sure hoping I can bribe them into spending some time with their old auntie!   It's been a rough year so I'm really looking forward to just being home with family.  Mark tells me that it's the year that we're suppose to stay with his folks but I'm pushing for a hotel again.  We've done that a few times and it's much less stressful for all of us if we stay in a hotel.  there is one just right down the road from my folks and we can come and go as we like but still have some alone time.  I love his folks but it's stressful when we stay with them.  just for the record, marrying an only child is not all it's cracked up to be....there are no kids running around, animals just 4 adults struggling to find stuff to talk about.  That sounds bad and I don't mean it to be.

Well enough for now because I really need to go forge for something to eat for dinner instead of cookies.  happy holidays and hope you all have your shopping done.  I sure don't!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is this stealing?

I have a real serious question to pose to you.....is it stealing if you take something from a house that's been abandoned and is falling in on itself?  I have a long wish list of things Mark can make for me starting with a dough board for the stove so we went to several flea markets looking at old things that he can turn into something else.  We're looking for a large table that doesn't cost a small fortune that he can use....think cheap!  We drove home emptyhanded and by this old house that we pass almost daily when a lightbulb went on over my head...doesn't happen very often and is quite scary when it does happen!  LOL!  So I dropped him off at home and went to look at one last place when I decided what the hell I'll just swing by that house and see if there is any old wood I can repurpose.  I got about 10 boards and then decided to go home to get my work gloves and a pry bar.  When I got home, Mark said I was stealing and I just can't get that thought out of my mind.  I think I'm giving new life to something that is just sitting there rotting but his argument is that the house belongs to "somebody somewhere" so I'm stealing.  What do you think?  This is a really old farmhouse that seriously is collapsing in and did I mention it has some great doors and 2 old mantles just sitting there rotting away?  I love it and really don't think it's stealing but now he's got me thinking too much! So do you think it's stealing or bringing something back to life?  I'm really curious what everyone thinks about this matter.

On a different note Clarice has mastered the climb to the top of the christmas tree now.  I swear that by tomorrow she'll be knocking it over and stealing the star on top.  Mark's suppose to be looking at a way to secure it to the wall and I made sure to wrap all the ornament hooks around the branches so she can't knock them off.  But she's entranced by the extra large primitive candy canes and she wrestles them to the floor.  She's also discovered the Christopher Radko village and takes great pleasure in being Godzilla visiting the village!  She knocks all the brushbottle trees over and lays right in the middle of the village to survey her domain.  She's gonna be the death of me.  Let's see this time last year she weighed less than a pound and we had concerns that she wouldn't make it but now she terrorizes the rest of the house.  And truth be told, just allows Mark and I to live here with her because she really owns the house.

Alrighty, now I'm off to take my pills and dream about all the stuff I could make if Mark would just quit telling me that I'm stealing stuff.  Nighty Nite All.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

Well almost turkey day.  We're spending it at home just the two of us in jammies all day long watching parades, football, ect.  I'm cooking a turkey breast since it will be just us but sure would have liked to go out to dinner.  Less mess but Mark decided that he'd just like to stay in so I relented and agreed to cook just a little.  Donna next door even made us a lemon pie since she knows that Mark's a Pie Man and I hate making them.  LOL!

We finished decorating the bank today since it was kinda a slow day.  I hadn't planned on doing it today but we needed the guys to help us with the tree and it just snowballed from there.  You know the drill...maybe just put the lights on the tree...ok now let's just put the garland on....how about seeing if we need any more ornaments, ect....next thing I know, I'm standing in the middle of the lobby with glitter covering me head to foot and I'm balanced on a rickety kitchen chair trying to get the bow on the top.  Crazy!  Oh well, Friday we'll only have a handful of customers and even less employees working so now I can just relax and study for my insurance test.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it no matter what my web browser shows or the battery on my kindle  ;)

Not too much going on around here but Clarice has recovered completely.  She cost us a small fortune but she's none the worse for wear.  Last night I was trying to take a long extra hot bath in hopes of staving off a headache when she came running in, jumped from the floor up to the top of the shutters and brought them down on top of me.  Mark managed to secure them again by baling wire and duct tape which is what all tools a southern boy needs to fix anything.  They must be positioned just slightly different because she fell of them twice this morning when we were getting ready for work.  Sure wish that would be enough to keep her off them because I sure would love to re-do those curtains but refuse to do it as long as she's laying on them like a hammock.

We went to dinner tonight and I had a couple of really good margaritas so forgive me if this doesn't make too mush sense.  I'm off to take my sleeping pills and snuggle into the bed with my christmas magazines and kitty so sweet dreams to you all.   Happy Turkey Day!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Decor Update

It's done!  That's my big update...LOL!  I started Saturday afternoon after Mark and I got back from running 5 million errands and I finished last night.  Now it'll be just little tweaks here and there....can any of us say we're extremely happy with the way everything looks the first time...of course not where's the fun in that?  I say I'm done but we're decorating the tree tonight.  We bought a smaller, lit tree because that 10 foot tree that we've used for the past 9 years is just too big for this house even though we've used it the last 5 years here.  Mark had to bend the top down so I could put the star on and it filled the entire corner of the room so now we're switching to a 7.5 foot tree that has lights already on it...wahoo!  Now I just hope all the ornaments fit on it.

We spent Sunday night at the ER with Clarice.  She woke me up Sunday morning bright and early throwing up.  I thought maybe she had a hairball or got into something that she shouldn't have when I was decorating Saturday so I wasn't too worried.  Then about 6pm she started vomiting blood so I snatched her up and off we went to the ER which is 3 towns away.  WTF!  They ran xrays, started iv and kept her overnite to the tune of $800 and we still didn't know why she was sick.  I had to pick her up before 8AM monday morning and drop her off at our cat vet so they could check her out.  Well that was another $250 and still don't know why she was sick!  They ran more xrays and sent her home with 2 different meds that we have to give her twice a day for 10 days.  Have you ever tried to give a cat a pill?  It ain't easy.  I'm glad that she didn't have to have surgery but sure would like an answer about what was wrong.  The vet told us they could run a barium test to trace her digestive track but that was an additional $400 and we still might not know what was wrong so Mark decided to keep that $400 in his pocket instead.  Doesn't Clarice understand that she's destroying my Jovi Concert Fund?

Ran to Goodwill yesterday at lunch and scored a couple of little things.  I got 2 black frames for my needlework for $2.50, 2 pantry boxes (repo) for $1.91 and the big score, a pewter teapot for  $3.51.  I was beyond thrilled with it even if it does have a couple of dings in it.  I already had a sugar cone, nippers and creamer set but no teapot so I snatched it up in a heartbeat.  I already starting prim-ing up the pantry boxes last night along with a shelf and wooden charger that I picked up a couple of weeks ago.  I just need to swipe some stain on them tonight and then I'll be ready to decide if I'm keeping them or listing on ebay.  Mark just keeps repeating that I started all this to clean out closets not aquire more stuff for myself.  Silly boy doesn't get it yet.

Well guess I need to study for my insurance test so I'll close for now.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Another week under our belts and only 40 minutes until quiting time.  Yabba Dabba Do.....I'd love to hear that whistle blow and slid down the dinosaur about right now.  Mark just called to ask if I wanted to go out dinner tonight and I tried really hard pleading that I'm just too tired but he's just craving sushi and since that's not something I can whip up at home, guess we're going out to eat.

I had such grand plans for yesterday but as usual the best laid plans always go awry.  Nothing big just everything takes twice as much time as I think it should.  I got my haircut yesterday and I love it!  I did a modified Diane Keaton's hairstyle in the latest movie that she's in with Harrison Ford....just too cute.  I have bangs which are something I don't think I've had since 5th grade and let's not even discuss how long ago that was.  I've got a new hairdresser and I think I'm gonna really like her.  If nothing else, she cut my hair then I picked Mark up for lunch and we ended up at the same chinese food place. 

The carpet guy came and it looks wonderful.  He couldn't believe that we'd never had the carpets cleaned and we've lived there over 5 years.  I asked how often you should have them cleaned and he told me every 6 to 8 months but he figured I could go at least 24 months between cleaning.   He said that I was a fantastic housekeeper and I just had to chuckle...nope Dulbia is  ;) 

I never got to pulling out the christmas stuff yesterday because I got a wild hair that I should clean the laundry room and kitchen cabinets.  Hello, where does this crazy idea come from?   Anyhoo, I cleaned, reorganized and staged it so we can get it sold...oh wait  that's a line from one of my fave shows, Sell This House.  No, we're not selling the house, I just wanted to get my cabinets straightened out so I can find things.  I even cleaned the dreaded kitchen junk drawer.  I decided to buy these little stairstep shelves to use for my spices so in order to do that then the shelves must be higher so I might as well move those, clean the inside of the cabinets....well you know how projects get derailed.  I was up on the countertop trying to wrestle the shelf out of those stupid little plastic clips that keep in stable and I had a little bit of an issue.  I thought I was going to knock it upward with the heel of my hand but instead managed to hit it with my wrist.  OMG!  I broke the blood vessels and it immediately started swelling up and bruising.  I started crying and the carpet cleaner guy about fell trying to get downstairs to find out what I had done.  It's actually laughable now but at the time I felt so stupid!  So the moral of this story is Never Clean Your Cabinets Out On Your Day Off! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hump day

Well another week is half over and I just took my Halloween stuff down last night!  That class last week really threw me for a loop and I really need some recovery time with a good smutty book, martini and a bath.  Oh wait, I forgot chocolate!  Dulbia was coming to clean the house today so I took down all my stuff and left the house a blank slate for her to clean.  The smell of lemon pledge, clean counters and freshly cleaned mirrors just make me smile like an idiot.  I love Dulbia and do a happy dance on the days that she's coming to the house.  I know that I fought Mark really hard on getting some help with the housework because frankly, I felt there are only 2 of us and it's kinda partly my duty as the woman to get the house cleaned but I'm so happy that he went behind my back and hired her.  This working 6 days a week thing is for the birds and I just couldn't keep everything up so now I get the fun part of playing  house and it gets really clean every other week.  I don't say this often but he was right and I was wrong.....don't you dare tell him I said that.  For his birthday one year he's only request was that for an entire day I say "Yes dear" and "You're right and I'm wrong" all day long.  Needless to say that wish didn't come true and has about as much of a chance of me wearing a cheerleader uniform for him.  Bet that's a mental picture that you didn't need, huh! 

I'm off work tomorrow and I should be studying for my exam but instead I'm getting my hair done, meeting the carpet cleaners and decorating for Christmas.  I know it's too early but we don't have any family coming for Thanksgiving so I'm gonna just skip fall stuff this year.  Hey, next year when I pull it all out it'll all be new to me.  My memory suxs and I suffer from CRS!  This is how bad it is....I bought the exact same book 3 times before I realized I had already read it.  Mark will never let me forget it either.

I'm excited about getting my christmas stuff out and sorting thru more junk.  I did a pretty good job with halloween and weeding out things that just didn't suit my style.  I even sold most of it on ebay and made $100 so now on to christmas stuff.  I have a hard time separating the memories from the things so I can sell them but I'm kinda on a roll now so hopefully it'll be easy.  I cleaned my craft area on Sunday and found 3 sets of silver that Mark's mom gave me when we got married.  Now we've never used it just moved it from house to house so I thought I'd do a little research to see if it's worth anything or not.  I found one set is quite good so I'm gonna clean it up and sell it.  The teaspoons are selling for $30 each and I have a place settings for 12!  Wahoo more cash in my Bon Jovi fund.

Speaking of Bon Jovi, the newest cd came out yesterday and it's great.  It's got all the hits and 4 new songs which I love already.  They did a 1 night movie that was played on Monday so of course I went.  Maria and I just planned a girls night of laughing, catching up, eating and best of all singing along to our fave band.  The movie was really a concert that they did in Giants stadium last year and Maria and I wanted to go but couldn't so this was almost the next best thing.  I'm sure the dvd will be released in time for christmas since Jon is such a marketing guru and I'm sure his kids need new shoes so he won't miss the chance to sell it. 

I made the banner on the fireplace with scrapbook paper, newspaper and a pre-printed Happy Halloween scrapbook set.

Kitchen China Cabinet

Luv,Luv the peel and stick Haunted words and bats. I also got hooked this year on making little ruffled skirts for all my candle lights by sewing on crepe paper

My newest display and runner


Entry Hall
Well that's about all the news so have a great week and I'll see if I can't attach a couple of halloween shots to this post.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Insurance License Hellweek

OMG!  I'm gonna lose my freakin' mind before this is all done.  I swear I didn't know there were so many types of policies and I think I could have blissfully lived my life without knowing it too!  I think my head my explode before I finish this class not to mention actually taking the test.  When did bankers become insurance "producers"?  To quote Cher... If I Could Turn Back Time...I'd find a way to strangle the first banker that thought this was a good idea.  Or let's be really honest, If I Could Turn Back Time, I'd have the body of a 20 year old  :)  Seriously, 45 years old women don't comprehend all this stuff in 4 days of sitting in class from 8-6 with only 2 ten minute breaks and a hour for lunch!  Doesn't this guy know that after 1 1/2 hours all I can think about is my full bladder and I shouldn't have drank that bottle of water?  Hello????  See all of us 'just older"women fidgeting in our chairs and announce a potty break.  I'm really dreading taking this test and I swear the more practice tests I take online the worse my scores get.  Trust me if I'd had really any choice in pursuing this I wouldn't be sitting there trying to learn about insurance.  I guess I should consider myself lucky because they started the next round of layoffs yesterday and I haven't gotten a phone call to report to headquarters yet.  My heart really goes out to all these people because they have truly given blood, sweat and tears but we're part of a larger business now and it's streamlined.  We lost couriers, proof operators, bookkeeping, human resources, accts payable, loan processors, collections, ect....you get the idea...if you weren't frontline employees then it's all handled in Mississippi so we don't need GA folks.  We all knew it had to happen but thought most everyone would be spared until after conversion which is set for Mid January as of this moment.  I just got a text from corporate telling us that 41 people were let go today and that would have been just a little under half of the entire staff.  Wow!

Ok enough negative, I started ebaying again and happy to report that I made $109 last week.  I even managed to pick up a few items at goodwill for re-sale and they are already sold.  I scored Hallmark ornaments still in original boxes from late 90's and only paid $1.50 for them which I promptly turned into $25...i love it!  I got a few items that I'm primming up and then they'll be off to new homes unless I decide that I just can't part with them.  Mark keeps reminding me that I'm doing this to clear stash not drag more into the house.

Not too much stitching going on because of the long days, nites of studying and then collapsing into bed because I have to get up at 5:00 to start my day all over again.  Atlanta traffic suxs!  I'm leaving the house at 6:00 because class starts at 8:00 and if you are late, he sends you home and you'll have to take that morning's session at a another time.  Now, I'm not headed back down another negative rant so I'll tell you that I finished Trix or Trick from Blackbird Designs over the weekend.  It looks great if I do say so myself.  I started The Primitive Needles halloween design in the Just Cross Stitch mag from a couple of years back.  I know, I know...I'm obsessed with halloween but I just can't help it.

Speaking of Halloween, we had over 300 Trick or Treaters Sunday night!  I made treat bags as did Donna next door and they were all gone by 8:30.  The guys set up a firepit, I put out homemade goodies and guys put out a mini keg of beer which attracted the adults to the house in droves.  Yes, we checked ids.....as I roll my eyes at all you grownups thinking that I'd give beer to minors.  I found the greatest napkins that had a woman drinking a martini saying "Yes, you are so scary now get off my property so I can enjoy my drink"  too perfect for me to resist.  I want to know what is with kids ringing the doorbell after you turned off all the outside lights!  Were they raised by wolves and don't know any better?  We finally turned off all the inside lights as well and snuck around the house until after 10:00.  Ever try to sort laundry in the dark?  It ain't easy. My granny is rolling over in her grave thinking I've been married way to long if all I'm doing is laundry with the lights out.  She was quite a gal.

On that note, I'm off to cuddle my kitty, kiss my hubby and take my sleeping pills.  Hope everyone has a great week and remember only 2 more working days this week!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Midweek Update

We went to the Country living Fair on Saturday and I must say it was GREAT!  I just walked around touching everything, drooling and trying really hard to not go just ape crazy!  It was a good thing Mark was along or I'd have maxed out the credit cards.  I got to see vendors that I had only seen in magazines and was just in awe.  Of course being the bargain shopper that I am I had to see all the booths before I'd buy anything and Mark was so patient.  It was quite pricey to get in the gate $15 each, $10 parking then lunch was another $30 but oh so good.  It was picnic type food including fried chicken but I had the most delish sammie ever!  Think grilled chicken, thin sliced pear and balsamic...yummy!  I'm making my own version tonight for dinner with swiss cheese.  Anyhoo, I bought a vintage frame to put my newest finish in and Halloween tree, decorations, ect for half off already.  I think the guy just couldn't bear to pack it all back up again so he was willing to deal.  I got a orange and black "feather" tree that's about 3 feet tall for $12.  Now I'm thinking I might have to start stitching the Blackbird Designs stockings now that I'll have a tree large enough to display them.  And the best news, Clarice hasn't toppled it yet.

I'm busy studying for a insurance class and exam for work next week.  I'm really worried about getting my broker license or more importantly passing the exams to get my license.  Damn, banking has changed a lot in the past 25 years and I'd sure like to go back in time now to rethink my career choice.  We'll be converting to the new bank's operating systems, policies, ect the first of January so more changes headed my way and I just love change!  The dr has written me an sedative for panic attacks but I'm trying really hard to not get the script filled...I just think it'd be too easy for me to drug myself then deal with my life right now.

My dirty martini queens took our annual trip last weekend without me.  I've just missed 2 trips since we started this tradition 15 years ago but just couldn't make my schedule work this year.  I suggested they go to Branson, Mo this year since it's driving distance for them and I'm sure they had fun.  I bet they set that little country town on fire!

Well that's all the news from my little corner of the world so I'm off now to make choco chip cookies.  It's storming like crazy here so I want to just snug in for the nite and nest.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall XStitch and some Jovi thrown in for fun!

It takes me a week to decorate the house for Halloween but I love every minute of it.  I have so much stuff that Mark made me promise that anything new Halloween coming into the house requires at least one thing going out.  Now you'd think he'd know by now that he'll never even notice something new unless I point it out to him so I'm safe in saying not too much will be going out.  These are a few of the Halloween theme cross stitch and I need to make some of the every day, year round stitching.

And a couple of Jovi pics from the Atlanta show in April of this year.  Of course there is the one everyone swoons over...Jon but more importantly is there is a great pic of my man David.  I get weak in the knees just looking at the pics.  Remind me sometime to tell you all about my out of body experience where David sang Bed of Roses to me!  I thought I'd died and went to heaven at that moment.

We're headed to the Country Living antique show this weekend at Stone Mountain and I just can't wait.  I hate that it's this weekend since it is Mark's birthday and all but what better way for him to celebrate than doing something I love.  What a guy!  And by the way, he showed up at the bank today with gorgeous flowers for me just because.  Now you know why I'm still crazy about him after all these years.  He treats me like the queen that I am!  Have a good weekend!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend plans?

All my include "Honey Do" projects all of which Mark is dreading.  So sorry but it's a gorgeous fall day and what better way to celebrate with pressure washing the decks, cleaning  the basement, cutting all the shrubs & trees, cleaning out the storage area with all my seasonal goodies and anything else that pops into my little old head while we are puttering around.  Then we're off to dinner with friends and maybe the fair if I can talk them all into going with me.  I say eat dinner at the fair....yummy corn dogs, cotton candy, funnel cake, roasted corn, ect...it'll probably cost more to eat there than any 5 star restaurant. 

I love Christopher Columbus and sure enjoyed Monday being off work.  I slept in until 7:30, ate my poptart while catching up on everyone blog and then took a quick trip up into the north Georgia mountains for some primitive retail therapy.  I just love, love Hearts and Flowers in Cleveland and would love to have at least one of everything in her store but sadly my budget doesn't allow for that much retail therapy.  I did some awesome stuff.....a pillow that's a Halloween black cat, brown coverlet table runner, brown homespun chair pad that I want to make into a pillow, small irvin's tartwarmer, black crow, snowman, 3 bags tarts, the newest Early American Home and Simple Things magazines and finally  prim candle ring for Christmas with little sprigs of pin and tiny pinecones.  Wow, it does sound like a lot when I type it all out but it all fit into 1 shopping bag.  I also stopped at Bessie Mae's where I got a cute little prim snowman, treat or treat post its and a little wooden thingy which I think is part of an old clamp or maybe a rope bed turning device.  Don't you love the techinal talk of thingy but it's hard to explain.  I'll post a picture this afternoon and maybe someone can tell me what it is.

I'm making great progress on my Trix or Treat pattern from Blackbird Designs.  I started while at the camp but set it aside when we got home so I could finish Be Kind and True also by the uber talented Alma and Barb.  I crawled into bed last night with some of my older patterns to decide what I want to start next and I'm thinking....hmmm....Beware of Cat by Birds of a Feather....I hate that they aren't designing cross stitch patterns anymore because the Halloween ones are to die for!  I've got all of them plus several of the every day patterns and hope to finish all of them.  Also want to start The Primitive Needle's Halloween Revelry which was featured in the 2009 Just Crossstitch Halloween magazine.  Oh and her Oujia Board pattern which I won on ebay a few months back.  Why is there never enough time to stitch?  I'm going to join the ladies on the yahoo Blackbird Designs group for a SAL starting Christmas day so I'll have to pick that pattern soon and get whatever I don't have on hand.  Why is that you think I have everything I need for this pattern then you start sorting thru thread and realize that you're short a couple...ugh!

Ok, it's now 10 minutes until I get off work so I guess I should post this and actually do some work before we close.  Nah, I'll just go make copies of the patterns that I want to start next week and then lock the doors.  Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Maine Vacation Photos

Lighthouse in Portland.  It was just what I imagined

Tate House which is Mark's fave photo-Old House/Sports Car

Apple Bench that looks like I set this photo up but it was already like that when we walked up

My future home



Fireplace at camp

Cozy Nights

Coastline view

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Delights

Back from a very restful week at "The Camp" as they refer to the house on the coast in Maine.  Too funny because it's 3 bedrooms and 2 baths...well 3 if you include the original little brickhouse shithouse.  It was just to grand and I hummed ....Aw, she's a brickhouse...shake a down now, shake a down...yep come on you all know the words just admit it.  Anywho, the camp has no tv, no telephone, no Internet or even get this, cell phone coverage....it was heaven on earth!  I really did leave everyday life behind and unwind.  I'd move there in a heart beat or as Mark said probably until the first big snowstorm then I'd be hightailing it back to Georgia.  Mark surprised me with a Kindle for my birthday...something I never even knew I wanted  :)  What a guy!  I read 2 books while I was gone and stitched to my little hearts content.  It's amazing how much you can get done when you don't have tv, Internet or phones to distract you.  The camp has been in Rich's family for 64 years and started life as a 1 room cabin and it's grown a lot since then but it's retained all the charm of that 1 room cabin.  It's even got a stuffed moose head mounted on the wall and recessed nooks everywhere just overflowing with stuff.  You might see an antique clock sharing space with a stuffed squirrel, old books nested up to rusty old chains, keys and locks.  I swear everyday I saw something that I had overlooked before.  I got up every morning to watch the sun come up across the water, listen to the squirrels gathering the winter grub and watch the sea gulls....Mark missed all that because he was a sleepyhead but I loved every minute of watching the world around us wake up every morning. 

We saw so many old places that I'd have loved to have owned, went to many antique stores and ate lots of lobster.  We even did our own one night at camp.  It was yummy but a lot of work.  We did splurge and rent a Camero to drive while we were there so Mark didn't mind going so many places since he could at least enjoy the drive.  He was shocked (and frankly so was I) because I sure didn't buy much.  I got a early 1900's cast iron mailbox that is chippy white painted and I'm gonna put flowers in it for the mantle but that was all I really bought.  He had already checked on shipping costs for large furniture, ect but I just wasn't in that kind of mood!  It's so funny to see what is popular with collectors from other regions and what is...well dirt cheap here is high $$$ there.  Everything I bought could be carried on in my suitcase.  Well, almost everything because I did try to smuggle a jar of blueberry, hot pepper jam back but they busted me.  The lady said just go back and check that bag then you'll be able to take the jam home...ahem NO!  That would cost $25 and that was almost triple what the jam was worth....get real lady!

If I can ever figure out this blogging stuff, I'll post pics and change over to a stunning background like the rest of you not so computer challenged people do.  Maybe one day I'll actually have or rather take the time to figure it out.  Well I'm really suppose to be working on a spreadsheet for work tonight but I'm doing what I do best...procrastinating so I'll close for now.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Whew, is it fall yet?

This has been one long, hot summer!  I'm not sure I have ever sweated this much in my entire lifetime.  Nice visual for you all but you know you are hot when you drag your skirt over the steering wheel so the air will blow up it when driving to or from work.  I'm sure the guys in trucks have a good laugh or more likely, cringe when they pass by me.  Cooler weather please hurry to Georgia!

My folks came to visit for a week and what a great visit it was.  My daddy hadn't been to my house in 2 years and momma a year so it was a real treat!  I miss them so much and never get enough time with them.  They both retired this summer so I'm hoping for a few more visits now.  And speaking of retiring, my daddy just loves to grin and say he doesn't even wear a watch nowdays.  I'm so happy they are still young and healthy enough to enjoy retirement.  Daddy's company gave them a $8,000 travel voucher so the next day momma booked a trip to Hawaii for Thanksgiving.  It sounds like the trip they have always dreamed of taking....2 weeks, cruise, tours, car, ect all paid for...and I'm so excited for them.  They'll have a blast.

Mark was gone last week to Korea again and got home on day 3 of my folks visit.  That was nice because it gave me some alone time with them plus time to get my house cleaned and all my cooking done before they got here.  I swear I cook way too much stuff when I have guests but I never hear anyone complaining.  I did swipe a recipe from Edgar's Blacksheep blog for a coffee cake that was to die for.  And so easy that I"ll be adding it to the recipe rotation.  Yummy, sure wish I had some of it this morning.

We leave on vacation a week from today.  I'm so excited and can't wait to see the house that we're staying at not to mention all the fall leaves colors.  This morning I picked out my traveling stitching project....hey that's almost as important as my clothes.  I'm almost done with Be Kind and True which is my 2nd SAL this summer.  I've picked out Evergreen to travel with since it only takes 3 colors...perfect traveling stitching....hope this house has good enough light for me to stitch.  Maybe need to look into buying a travel light....hmmm....I have a little book lite somewhere ...now where did I hide it?????

I can't wait to explore a new area with lots of antique, primitive country stores and stitching stores.  Now that I know for sure everything is booked, I'll start getting my wish list ready.  I should probably get the house decorated for fall before I leave so it'll be a great little treat to come home to in October. 

Have a great weekend and hope cooler is headed this way soon.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday in the park....wish it was the 4th of July

Not Bon Jovi but still seemed just right today.  It would be a long weekend which I could so use right now!!!!  My folks are coming to visit for a week and they get here Tuesday.  Oh my, so much to do and never, never enough time in the day.  Mark leaves for Korea Monday so guess I'll try cramming everything into Monday night...wooo I'm pooped just thinking about it all.  My momma is allergic to kitties and Clarice has staked that guestroom out as her own so I'm got to scrub it down, change all the linens and shut the door so that little monkey can't sneak back into it before they get here.  I was lucky enough that I found the perfect American Living Red and White Postage Stamp quilt at Tuesday Mornings for less than $50.  I was so excited because I really wanted to buy it when J C Penney's carried it at regular prices but just couldn't make myself spend the money.  Then they discontinued it and I was crushed so imagine my surprise when I saw one at the  very top of a shelf at Tuesday Mornings.  I couldn't clamber up there fast enough to check it out!  So now I'm finally turning that room into a prim room because I'm so tired of that Shabby Chic look in that room.  It was so out of place with the other rooms in the house.  I picked up some treasures at Good Will and the flea market last weekend so I just need to start the decorating process to see what else I need.  Well but I need to clean the room first so dang it all we're back to needing extra time off work.

We finally set up our vacation last night.  We've been struggling with what to do, where to go, ect...it's been such a stressful year for us both that neither of us wanted to make a decision....make way too many of those daily in our work lives.  So last night over burger and fries at Five Guys we made a list of our options.   Let's see cruise, beachy island sort of place, Florida Keys (which we love) or Maine which is something that I've always wanted to do...see the eastern seaboard and all the great antique places that I've read all about over the years.   So we debated, discussed but just couldn't decide so when we got home I took an idea from Edgar (if you don't read his Blacksheep blog you are missing so much) and put all the ideas on foldedvpaper, threw them in the air and which ever one Clarice pounced on was the place we were headed.....wahoo!!!!  She picked Maine!  Now to start the planning....Mark's boss has a family farm homestead that he's loaning us for a week so I'll have extra money to spend on whatever.  And boy do I plan on buying lots of whatevers.  I'll post the details when I get home later so excited.  I'm at work but just too excited about planning this trip to get anything really done. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Depressed, down and out or whatever you call it

My worst working nightmare was realized 3 weeks ago when the bank that I work for failed!  That's right kiddos, FDIC walked in and shut us down.  It was a horrible, horrible experience because they show up at 3:30 but I can't tell my staff what's happening until after the last branch closes at 6....do they think we're all morons....hello, business suits walk in on friday, come into my office, shut the door and duh....no one is suppose to think anything is out of norm?  Anyway, it's an experience that I'd gladly do without again, thank you very much.  I've been struggling with depression for about 8 or 9 months now and just thought that maybe I was turning the corner when all this happened.  Now, I'm not stupid I knew that it "had" to happen because we were hanging on the edge of the cliff for way too long but still it's a blow.  We were lucky because another bank did purchase us and we've been fortunate that no one has been terminated but still it's more change.   The one thing I could do without now.  Anyhoooo....we're all just struggling to get thru the day without actual blood loss right now, I'm here just about round the clock reassuring customers and staff but hey, who's gonna reassure me?

So enough whining, the dr started me on some new meds and made me promise that before I see him later this month I would start doing things that I once enjoyed.  So of course, I'm still stitching but also made arrangements for my parents to come visit for a week (something I have been putting off for over a year now) and I've started reading again.  I've been a reader since I was 3 and ued to plow thru 4 or 5 books a week but as things got worse I just shut down that aspect of "me".  Now, I'm not sure why I gave up reading because you'd think that would occupy my thoughts instead of dwelling on everything else but instead it just felt like one more deadline to me.  I stocked up on books last week at costco, went for a massage and even bought more Blackbird Designs patterns so maybe I'm back to finding "me" again.  Now I just need to start reconnecting with my friends again which is kinda the hardest for me right now.

Mark and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary on Sunday.  I'm still shocked and really need to collect serious bucks from his frat brothers that swore we'd never even make it 1 year.  I know when we were engaged there was a pool going on so I bet we'd shock some of those guys now with 23 years under our belts so to speak...ok maybe that's over our belts since things are sagging.  We painted our tv room and bought Mark's dream tv.  We started saturday just going to look at the tvs, then  maybe just buy a tv, ok but we really should paint the room since we're going to be hanging thetv on the wall and well, we've changed the furniture in there anyway to HUGE, Fullblown project weekend.  What were we thinking that re-doing an entire room in 2 days is a romantic weekend????  But the color is amazing and the room is starting to all
come together just as I had imagined.  It's not as prim as I'd like but maybe more mission styled but Mark likes it so I'm not griping at all.  He was trying to show me the tv Sunday night but he was watching golf so I was less than impressed so he said wait a sec, he then turned on Criminal Minds and I was hooked!  The pic is amazing!

Alrighty, I've got to get off this computer and figure out what we are having for dinner tonight...hummm...
5 guys cheeseburgers and fries? No maybe not, Mark has his sleep study tonight so I'd hate to send him up to the hospital so full they might think he's gonna explode.  Ah, I get the whole bed to myself tonight with only Clarice and me snoring too loudly.  Wahoo!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Who'd have thunk it?

Who would have ever imagine that this hard rockin, headbanging metal princess would ever have become this middle aged, conservative banker? Certainly not me....now instead of partying all night, I look forward to making an appearence at the party then scurrying home to relax with my kitty and stitch! Now I get excited about a trip to the local xstitch store, getting my carpets re-stretched and most exciting of all was buying a new vaccum last week.

I'll gush on about just how wonderful the "Ferrari" of vacs is if you want the details.....what choice do you really have....you're already reading this post....I got the newest Dyson and it was the deal of the century. As you know, I'm a bargin hunter but this may be one of my best deals ever. Target listed the Dyson 25 with orange ball at $349 but ad stated supplies were limited and there would be no rainchecks....the model has been updated and now has a red ball. We stopped by the store just to see if they had any left and there was the display model only. I grab it and go off to hunt for someone to get the box, paperwork, ect for it. We're still standing around back there when a manager walks by so Mark asks what's the differences in the models and why the sale is limited when they clearly have several in stock in red....She said the ad is misleading so I'll honor it and you just take this one up front for the same price. If you've priced these you know it's a $499 vac and they NEVER go on sale! I'm just thrilled with it and would tell everyone it's worth the $$$$.

We did the neighbor's party last night and it was fun. He puts on a fireworks display better than any city one I've ever seen. He spends over a $1,000 each year, has food brought in, keg, ect so it's always a great party. I look forward to it all year. Everyone usually brings along some sort of dessert or side dish to share and last night mine was the hit of the party. I saw in the Semi Homemade magazine a clever little recipe and I tweeked it to make it mine. Buy sugar cookie dough in the fridge area, raw sugar, slivered almonds and a plastic sandbucket. Put dough into the freezer until it's firm enough for you to slice, arrange slices on cookie sheets and put 5 slivered almonds arranged in a sand dollar shape, sprinkle with raw sugar and bake 8 to 10 minutes. Let cookies cool then place them in a new sandbucket and carry to the party. What a fun display for the buffet table not to mention they are melt in your mouth good.

I'm trying to figure out how to chnage my background, add pics like everyone else in blog land and hope I can make some changes this weekend. I'm going to enjoy 2 days off in a row by doing nothing! Got the house work and laundry done Friday night so now it's all about me!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend!

Friday, June 25, 2010

TGIF-never sounded quite as good as it did today

Well another week done and only 2 more vacations scheduled for next week. This year with the HUGE staff that I have, vacations are just kicking my butt. I swear I spend all day flipping between new accounts and teller then factor in a little lender time and I'm wiped out every night when I get home. I'm still working on my Blackbird Designs SAL and I love it more and more everyday. I'm actually enjoying stitching on evenweave and think I just might be getting the hang of it now.

Mark listed some "extra" speakers, amps, ect last week on Craigs List and he made $1200.00 in one day.....wow, he just might get that new tv next weekend at this rate. I'm still hunting the media console I want to use and really need to get the extra furniture moved downstairs and listed on craigs list so I'll have the $$$ tobuy the perfect console when I find it. I'm still listing on ebay and wow, it's time consuming when you factor in writing the info, taking pics, listing items then packing it up and mailing it. I think a flea market booth would have been a little better solution but hey, live and learn.

Mark borrowed a powerwasher this weekend so guess I know what we'll be doing tomorrow....yucky! I'm trying to convince him that we need to head over to the Mall of Georgia so he can look at more tvs, I can pick up my makeup which just so happens to be at The Stitch Store since Terri's selling Mary Kay and gee, it just so happens that the newest Blackbird design was released last week. What a perfect day especially if we have lunch at P F Chang's and pick up a couple of Krisy Kreme doughnuts for Sunday's breakfast.....like they'd ever make it long enough to be breakfast the next day.....I seem to take on the personality of Homer Simpson where....ummmmm, Doughnuts are concerned.

Well the sleeping pills are kicking in for both of us so we'd better toddle off to bed before Clarice has to put us to bed. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OMG, It's freakin hot!!!!

This past weekend the air conditioner decided to go on the fritz and of course, it peaked at 100 degrees here! The guy finally got here Monday nite only to tell me that it was frozen and nothing he could do about it until it thawed. So $100 later after I buried his remains in the backyard....I found out what we'll probably need is a new unit. He can't come back until tomorrow night and he already has 90 appointments for Tuesday but he'll get to me...yea right! When I got home from work Tuesday, it was 92 degrees upstairs. I thought I was gonna pass out just walking up there to change my clothes. Poor little Clarice wouldn't even go up then stairs...smart kitty! We've spent the last 4 nights sleeping on the couch in the basement and it hasn't been pleasant. Think about it....2 sets of stairs if you need anything from the bedroom, the basment doesn't have a "tv" just a projector that Mark doesn't run unless we're watching movies and he just didn't feel like doing that...whatever! But the worst part was having to go upstairs to shower and get ready for work. I was sweating my makeup off as fast as I was slathering it on. Anyway, the guy showed up after 8 last night, charged the unit and said let's just run her until she gives up the ghost then we'll replace her. Now I'm thinking the unit is only 5 years old so why would she be giving up the ghost at such a young age....well it seems it's just another thing the builder cheaped out on. I'd like to strangle that guy but I guess the state of the building industry around these parts is doing that job very well for me! Revenage is best served cold along with a dirty martini! LOL!

So my ebay has taken on a life of it's own. Today I thought this is great I've made $242.50 then I started thinking...hmmm...postage, supplies and ebay fees reduce that to about $100 which I was lucky enough to spend on the air conditioner guy. This isn't fair. Never thought I'd get rich selling my stuff but factoring in my time, I've gotta be losing money. Maybe a garage sale or a flea market booth would have been a better idea afterall. I've decided that I'll stick with it for a couple more months and continue to purge just so I'll have more closet space.

Well mark's just arrived home so I'm off to wow him with my culinary skills of dialing the phone to order pizza.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mondays never go my way

It was a extremely busy weekend and it flew by without me even getting one spare minute to stitch. That sure didn't improve my attitude this morning when the alarm went off. I decided to finally start selling on ebay all the stuff that has just been collecting dust and it was an all consuming task all weekend long. I have collected so much "stuff" that is just sitting in cabinets, drawers and closets and I finally had to decide that any $$$$ is better than none so I listed a ton of stuff. Then today after a horrible day at work I came home and purged even more. I guess I'll spend all next week packing stuff up and mailing it out but atleast I might get enough cash to offset the costs. And I might even pick up some new cross stitch stash to clutter up more space...LOL!

While I was waiting on stuff to load on ebay so I spent a lot of time catching up on reading blogs. I always found lots of great giveways that of course, I signed up for. Check out Jennifer's giveway for 2 great summer pattern giveways. Her blog is always fun, interesting and so full of great ideas. I finally figured out how to follow blogs so I signed up for a lot but Jennifer's Feathers in the nest is is one of my faves.

I have now inspired Mark to clean out some of his stuff so he's listing a ton of high end audio equipment that he has collected over the years. Of course, some of it he got at reaaly great discounts when he worked for JBL and best of all he'll be clearing out boxes from the storage area. Wahoo! More room for my stuff...LOL!

Well the new season of American Pickers is starting on the History Channel tonight so I'm off to marvel at everything these guys find by just knocking on doors. They are living my dream except the part of maybe finding snakes, rats and shudder...spiders in these buildings.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wow is it really June already?

The good news is that I found a sofa. It was the exact one that I wanted from Pottery Barn and ......get this....paid $350 for it and sold my set for $325! It was just meant to be! The really funny thing is that I found it on Craigs List and called the lady to say I want it sight unseen so she'd hold it for me. We drove into downtown Atlanta at rush hour with a Braves game happening no less to pick it up. Mark wasn't a very happy camper! But 2 hours later, we're at the lady's house and she's not home. Oh no! She drives up about 15 minutes later and many choice words later about me not double checking with her today to make sure the sofa was still waiting on us. Her little doggie comes running up to greet us and low and behold, it's name is Clarice. Now what are the odds of me having a kitty named Clarice and her having a dog with the same name?

Now I'm off a re-decorating spree which is driving Mark nuts. I redid the bedroom last week when he was in Germany but he really does like it a lot so that worked out. But he has forbidden that I even mention Craigs List or have the website up where he can see it. LOL! He got off a plane Sunday and I picked him up at the airport with a generous offer of stopping to eat at his fave mexican joint on the way home but he wasn't interested. So I finally had to confess that I bought a primitive antique cabinet and needed to pick it up on the way home. He wasn't happy but willing to stop by the lady's house if I made it a quick trip. She was so nice and had a log cabin in her backyard that was full of great prim items that she was selling so I had to go take a look. OMG! I think I died and went to heaven. She's gonna list more things as she sorts thru them but I could have stayed there all day just looking around. Of course, I rushed because I knew he was tired, hot hungry and very cranky but I hope to go back really soon to look around.

My mom retired last week at the ripe, ole age of 62 and she's enjoying herself a lot. My daddy won't retire until August so she's keeping herself entertained shopping. hmmm...less income but she's shopping 'til she drops....what's wrong with this picture? Anyway, they are planning a long overdue trip here in August and I can't wait. It seems like forever since I saw them and they won't have to rush back home for work so they can really relax and stay with us for a couple of weeks (if Mark asks it will only be 2 days...LOL) They are going to all of Zared's home games and were asked to be the team parents for the fall baseball season...again I ask what is wrong with this picture....he has parents! I swear my brother will never grow up. Zared's twice as mature as his folks and that's a shame. He's living my brother's dream of playing college ball but Jeff can't be bothered to go watch him. After all these years of pushing the kid to be a better player and now when he's really shining you can't be bothered to attend his games. Jeff should be popping the buttons off his shirt with pride at what the kid has accomplished. I know I am.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where the hell does the time go?

I swear yesterday it was April 22 so how come the calendar today has May 12th as the date? LOL! Things have been crazy around here as usual. Let's see work continues to be an adventure everyday but hey, the doors are still open and that's good news nowdays. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect sofa on Craigs List but I do have Mark's blessing to find something and I have a buyer for the leather set. I had a Pottery Barn sofa cornered but the gal seems to be a bit of a flake so I've stopped trying. There have been a few that fit my general ideas but nothing that really thrills me...yet!

Mark's headed back to China the end of this month and I've decided that will be perfect time for a total beedroom makeover. Donna (next door...I know too funny that we're both Donna and live next door to each other) has agreed to help me paint so now I need to narrow down the color. Martha Stewart has a greyish blue that I'm really leaning towards and I found the perfect quilt on markdown at JC Penney. That American Living brand that they are carrying is really great. Someone told me that it's Ralph Lauren brand but I haven't confirmed that with anyone. I got a little carried away online and ordered 4 different ones so I may be redoing the guestrooms as well. You should check out the website if you are in the market for new bedding.

Well it's time for American Idol and Bon Jovi is performing so I'm off to drool a little or make that alot.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Slow day at work

It seems like today is never going to end....let's see paid my bills, balanced checkbook, caught up on reading everyone's blogs and checked Craigs List about a million times looking for a great deal on a couch for the tv room. I've hated the leather set that we bought almost since the day we brought it home....the arms are too high for me to stitch comfortably and I can't touch the ground! I don't know what we were thinking when we bought it...oh wait, I do know what we were thinking....This is just too good of a deal to pass up. It was a floor sample, all real leather and we got the huge couch, massive chair and footstool for $800 so we just got all caught up in the deal. Well we've come to realize the error of our ways and now I'm on the hunt for the perfect couch. I know what I really want (Restoration Hardware down filled, patterned sofa or a Pottery Barn slipcovered sofa) but I refuse to pay a fortune for something even if we will use it nightly. And I'd like to keep the same drapes in that room for now so I'm looking for earthtones which does limit some of my options. Oh well, the right one will come along sometime hopefully before Miss Clarice tears this set. She doesn't sharpen her claws but takes running leaps to get to my lap and sometimes she slips a little so there are some nail marks. When I find what I want and get ready to sell this set, I'll use some shoe polish to get it cleaned up before I list it.

I scored a great little prim cabinet at GW yesterday on lunch. I actually left it there, drove over to Hobby Lobby to pick up some needles and just kept thinking about it so I rushed back to buy it. I was so thankful that no one else had grabbed it. It's already a little grungy red but I still need to wipe some stain on it then it'll be perfect. I think it'll go on our dresser with my brown toile and white pitchers but we'll see. My other thought is the laundry room with one of the prim candle lights sitting on it. So many possibilities for only $3.53.

I'm still stitching on Midnight Watch in memory of my little Maggie cat and I'm making some progress. I finished the cat last night so tonight's mission is to stitch the moon. I've signed up for a Blackbird Designs SAL starting in June so I've got to get a move on. I just don't do WIP's because if I set them down then it's months and months or years before I pick them up again. I asked Mark to decide what I stitch for the SAL and he's picked Tulip Manor. That's a great one because it'll be perfect in the entrance hall when I finish it. See I'm already decorating with it and I haven't even started it yet. LOL!

I'm actually taking Saturday off work. Now I know everyone's thinking...hmmm, she just works til noon on Saturdays so what's the big deal....but getting up 6 days a week to go to work gets old. I want to sleep late or atleast until 7:30 then just take my time getting dressed instead of rushing around like a mad woman. We're still trying to decide what if anything we want to do since we finally finished the yardwork Sunday.
Well I'm off now to check Craig's List again and maybe, just maybe actually do some work this afternoon. Have a great day!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Post Concert Letdown

The concert was amazing as usual and to quote a friend "They rocked my arse off". I had good seats and could see David most of the night which made me a very happy girl. I'm not crazy about The Circle stage setup because Row H is not Row 8 like it would normally be. However, I was only 4 rows outside the circle so when they came out there I had amazing views. I got some wonderful pics. And my friends are so great and took tons of pics of David for me as well. Now I've got those post concert blues but so very grateful that I got to go to this one in Atlanta and spend time with great friends!
We've been doing yard work every night now for a couple of weeks and it looks amazing. Mark has built me raised herb gardens (4 of them no less), stacked stone flower beds out front, helped me get all my wildflower seeds in and planted so many colorful plants in the front of the house that he's totally transformed the look. He's done more in last 2 weeks than the entire 5 years we've lived here combined! I've enjoyed working along side him but not the dirty, sweaty work...LOL! When he decides that he wants to "do something" it's full steam ahead until it's done then he's "over" it so now I just will have to remind (nag) him to keep everything alive.
They are having the big antique street fair in Crabapple and Lakewood Antique Show this weekend so as soon as I get off work at noon, I'm headed out to find some new treasures. I just can't wait because I always seem to find the neatest stuff there and prices aren't usually too bad. Besides I need some stuff to decorate all these new beds with.LOL!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring has sprung

We're staying busy pulling weeds, planting flowers and of course, my favorite decorating the front porch and deck. I swear I should have been born wealthy so I wouldn't have to pull weeds! I hate getting dirty and sweaty especially after working all day long.

I did take a few hours off on Tuesday and managed to score some real bargins. I got 2 birdhouses, peg rack, atrium, 2 pillows, 2 watering cans, 2 planters, pair of little rain boots, pewter cake plate and a wooden jewelry box at Good Will for an amazing price of $25 total. The peg rack was already prim so I hung it outside the window on the deck and put the watering cans and some garden tools on it. I'll need to prim up the jewelry box AKA charging station but I think a little black paint, sandpaper and stain will make it exactly what I was looking for to keep my phone, ipod and camera charged up. I also made a trip to Cleveland, GA to visit Hearts and Flowers which is just to die for. I love her store so much but don't get in as often as I'd like but that makes Mark really happy. I went to get some wax melts but I just had to buy a "wasp catcher" that was converted to a lamp and a fly screen to put over the pewter cake plate that I'd scored at GW. But I saved so much on decorations at GW that this trip didn't really cost me anything....that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

And of course lastly, the Bon Jovi concert is exactly 1 week away in Atlanta. I've got friends coming to stay with us so I've got to get the house cleaned before Wednesday. I just can't wait to spend time with all my equally crazy Jovi buddies. We always have a lot of fun when we get together and the concert is just the icing on the cake! In one week, I'll be gazing upon David with my little star struck eyes again and I just can't wait.

Friday, March 19, 2010

So much for blogging every day. I really do have the best intentions but seem to run out of time every day. I've just finished the Bent Creek-wedding sampler "and their love grew like flowers in the springtime" as a gift for a friend's son. He's getting married tomorrow and I look forward to giving them this gift. I'm still working on Blackbird Designs Midnight Watch in in honor of my little Maggie Mae. I want something to remember her by and what's better that a halloween cat since she was always my scaredy cat. She took a piece of my heart with her and there will never be another one like her.

Clarice continues to grow by leaps and bounds. She's up to 4.8lbs now which is amazing when you think that she just weighed .5lbs in November. She's very funny and so active! She's learned to climb the shutters in the bathroom and spends most of her days perched up there watching the world go by.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where does the time go?

It's hard to believe that we've been back almost month now from our trip. I swear that I'm still trying to get caught up on my sleep and work life. I just can't seem to get ahead of the game right now.

Clarice did ok while we were gone and I think prefers Uncle Morgan taking care of her. The first few nights that we were home, she sat at the front door waiting on him to come over. She's grown so much and completely recovered from her ringworm....thanks goodness. She's a source of entertainment for us daily.

I have to go back the dr on Monday because I noticed a weird looking spot on my arm while we were overseas. They said it came back as skin cancer so they need to do a deeper cut and treatment on it. Gosh getting "old" isn't quite what I thought it would be. It's something new every day. I'm a little scared about the treatment on Monday because it just seems so strange to sit there fully awake while they cut on your skin...shudder. I think I'll take along my ipod with all Bon Jovi songs to distract me. Wonder what I can do for the smell....hmm.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My first post

We just shared a great meal with even better friends tonight and now starting to pack for our vacation to China. We leave Friday for 2 weeks and while hubby conducts business, I'll be out sight seeing and trying to entertain myself. We made a trip to my local needlework store so I could get some fresh, new projects to help me pass the 14 hour plane trip. I don't sit quietly very well so must have something to keep me busy. What better way than a new cross stitch chart, threads and fabric! Now just have to make sure the ipod is charged up and all my new music is loaded on it. That should keep me busy and I also have 2 new novels just in case I get bored...LOL!