Welcome to my little world! My name is Donna and I'm the mother of one very spoiled kitty named Clarice. I was a banker for over 20 years but now I'm a SAHM and loving every minute of it. I'm a super, huge Bon Jovi fan and an avid cross stitcher. I love decorating my home with flea market finds, primitive style items and vintage items. My hubby says if the last three generations threw it out as trash it'll end up in our house as a decoration.

Friday, June 25, 2010

TGIF-never sounded quite as good as it did today

Well another week done and only 2 more vacations scheduled for next week. This year with the HUGE staff that I have, vacations are just kicking my butt. I swear I spend all day flipping between new accounts and teller then factor in a little lender time and I'm wiped out every night when I get home. I'm still working on my Blackbird Designs SAL and I love it more and more everyday. I'm actually enjoying stitching on evenweave and think I just might be getting the hang of it now.

Mark listed some "extra" speakers, amps, ect last week on Craigs List and he made $1200.00 in one day.....wow, he just might get that new tv next weekend at this rate. I'm still hunting the media console I want to use and really need to get the extra furniture moved downstairs and listed on craigs list so I'll have the $$$ tobuy the perfect console when I find it. I'm still listing on ebay and wow, it's time consuming when you factor in writing the info, taking pics, listing items then packing it up and mailing it. I think a flea market booth would have been a little better solution but hey, live and learn.

Mark borrowed a powerwasher this weekend so guess I know what we'll be doing tomorrow....yucky! I'm trying to convince him that we need to head over to the Mall of Georgia so he can look at more tvs, I can pick up my makeup which just so happens to be at The Stitch Store since Terri's selling Mary Kay and gee, it just so happens that the newest Blackbird design was released last week. What a perfect day especially if we have lunch at P F Chang's and pick up a couple of Krisy Kreme doughnuts for Sunday's breakfast.....like they'd ever make it long enough to be breakfast the next day.....I seem to take on the personality of Homer Simpson where....ummmmm, Doughnuts are concerned.

Well the sleeping pills are kicking in for both of us so we'd better toddle off to bed before Clarice has to put us to bed. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OMG, It's freakin hot!!!!

This past weekend the air conditioner decided to go on the fritz and of course, it peaked at 100 degrees here! The guy finally got here Monday nite only to tell me that it was frozen and nothing he could do about it until it thawed. So $100 later after I buried his remains in the backyard....I found out what we'll probably need is a new unit. He can't come back until tomorrow night and he already has 90 appointments for Tuesday but he'll get to me...yea right! When I got home from work Tuesday, it was 92 degrees upstairs. I thought I was gonna pass out just walking up there to change my clothes. Poor little Clarice wouldn't even go up then stairs...smart kitty! We've spent the last 4 nights sleeping on the couch in the basement and it hasn't been pleasant. Think about it....2 sets of stairs if you need anything from the bedroom, the basment doesn't have a "tv" just a projector that Mark doesn't run unless we're watching movies and he just didn't feel like doing that...whatever! But the worst part was having to go upstairs to shower and get ready for work. I was sweating my makeup off as fast as I was slathering it on. Anyway, the guy showed up after 8 last night, charged the unit and said let's just run her until she gives up the ghost then we'll replace her. Now I'm thinking the unit is only 5 years old so why would she be giving up the ghost at such a young age....well it seems it's just another thing the builder cheaped out on. I'd like to strangle that guy but I guess the state of the building industry around these parts is doing that job very well for me! Revenage is best served cold along with a dirty martini! LOL!

So my ebay has taken on a life of it's own. Today I thought this is great I've made $242.50 then I started thinking...hmmm...postage, supplies and ebay fees reduce that to about $100 which I was lucky enough to spend on the air conditioner guy. This isn't fair. Never thought I'd get rich selling my stuff but factoring in my time, I've gotta be losing money. Maybe a garage sale or a flea market booth would have been a better idea afterall. I've decided that I'll stick with it for a couple more months and continue to purge just so I'll have more closet space.

Well mark's just arrived home so I'm off to wow him with my culinary skills of dialing the phone to order pizza.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mondays never go my way

It was a extremely busy weekend and it flew by without me even getting one spare minute to stitch. That sure didn't improve my attitude this morning when the alarm went off. I decided to finally start selling on ebay all the stuff that has just been collecting dust and it was an all consuming task all weekend long. I have collected so much "stuff" that is just sitting in cabinets, drawers and closets and I finally had to decide that any $$$$ is better than none so I listed a ton of stuff. Then today after a horrible day at work I came home and purged even more. I guess I'll spend all next week packing stuff up and mailing it out but atleast I might get enough cash to offset the costs. And I might even pick up some new cross stitch stash to clutter up more space...LOL!

While I was waiting on stuff to load on ebay so I spent a lot of time catching up on reading blogs. I always found lots of great giveways that of course, I signed up for. Check out Jennifer's giveway for 2 great summer pattern giveways. Her blog is always fun, interesting and so full of great ideas. I finally figured out how to follow blogs so I signed up for a lot but Jennifer's Feathers in the nest is is one of my faves.

I have now inspired Mark to clean out some of his stuff so he's listing a ton of high end audio equipment that he has collected over the years. Of course, some of it he got at reaaly great discounts when he worked for JBL and best of all he'll be clearing out boxes from the storage area. Wahoo! More room for my stuff...LOL!

Well the new season of American Pickers is starting on the History Channel tonight so I'm off to marvel at everything these guys find by just knocking on doors. They are living my dream except the part of maybe finding snakes, rats and shudder...spiders in these buildings.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wow is it really June already?

The good news is that I found a sofa. It was the exact one that I wanted from Pottery Barn and ......get this....paid $350 for it and sold my set for $325! It was just meant to be! The really funny thing is that I found it on Craigs List and called the lady to say I want it sight unseen so she'd hold it for me. We drove into downtown Atlanta at rush hour with a Braves game happening no less to pick it up. Mark wasn't a very happy camper! But 2 hours later, we're at the lady's house and she's not home. Oh no! She drives up about 15 minutes later and many choice words later about me not double checking with her today to make sure the sofa was still waiting on us. Her little doggie comes running up to greet us and low and behold, it's name is Clarice. Now what are the odds of me having a kitty named Clarice and her having a dog with the same name?

Now I'm off a re-decorating spree which is driving Mark nuts. I redid the bedroom last week when he was in Germany but he really does like it a lot so that worked out. But he has forbidden that I even mention Craigs List or have the website up where he can see it. LOL! He got off a plane Sunday and I picked him up at the airport with a generous offer of stopping to eat at his fave mexican joint on the way home but he wasn't interested. So I finally had to confess that I bought a primitive antique cabinet and needed to pick it up on the way home. He wasn't happy but willing to stop by the lady's house if I made it a quick trip. She was so nice and had a log cabin in her backyard that was full of great prim items that she was selling so I had to go take a look. OMG! I think I died and went to heaven. She's gonna list more things as she sorts thru them but I could have stayed there all day just looking around. Of course, I rushed because I knew he was tired, hot hungry and very cranky but I hope to go back really soon to look around.

My mom retired last week at the ripe, ole age of 62 and she's enjoying herself a lot. My daddy won't retire until August so she's keeping herself entertained shopping. hmmm...less income but she's shopping 'til she drops....what's wrong with this picture? Anyway, they are planning a long overdue trip here in August and I can't wait. It seems like forever since I saw them and they won't have to rush back home for work so they can really relax and stay with us for a couple of weeks (if Mark asks it will only be 2 days...LOL) They are going to all of Zared's home games and were asked to be the team parents for the fall baseball season...again I ask what is wrong with this picture....he has parents! I swear my brother will never grow up. Zared's twice as mature as his folks and that's a shame. He's living my brother's dream of playing college ball but Jeff can't be bothered to go watch him. After all these years of pushing the kid to be a better player and now when he's really shining you can't be bothered to attend his games. Jeff should be popping the buttons off his shirt with pride at what the kid has accomplished. I know I am.