Welcome to my little world! My name is Donna and I'm the mother of one very spoiled kitty named Clarice. I was a banker for over 20 years but now I'm a SAHM and loving every minute of it. I'm a super, huge Bon Jovi fan and an avid cross stitcher. I love decorating my home with flea market finds, primitive style items and vintage items. My hubby says if the last three generations threw it out as trash it'll end up in our house as a decoration.

Monday, February 24, 2014

We have a giveaway winner

I'm thrilled that several of my wonderful followers signed up for my 4 year anniversary and now to announce the winner.  I had to really bribe Clarice a lot to get her to pick my winner but she finally got ahold of a treat and just one name......Nancy M.  So Nancy I need to get your snail mail address so I can get a package out to you.  We will be heading back to Atlanta on Friday so it'll go out Saturday if all goes according to plan.  I've been collecting things at both houses and stitching up a little extra special treat.

We drove around a little this weekend just looking at some areas that we might be interested in living when we finally sell our home.  I had found several that I just wanted Mark to drive by and look at but he nixed the first 2 right away.  Well that kinda deflated me but I understand what his objections were and they were valid so off to show him a 3rd which he really liked.  Now we just need to get the other sold!  Prayers are needed because we had a 2nd viewing this weekend from a couple moving to the area that love the house hands down over everything else they've seen but they are worried about his commute to work.  Well I can't change that for them but if they love the house as much as the realtor says then they may decide to buy if after all.  I understand commuting isn't fun and we did it when we lived in Indy by splitting the drive from both of our jobs at opposite sides of the city.  We bought right in the middle so we each had 30 to 45 minutes and it could be a bear at times.  I just want to move on with our lives and at least have one thing behind us.   Doesn't mean that we're gonna jump into buying something but we could at least find another apartment that would suit us better than what we are in right now.

I was sorting thru pictures and I don't think I shared these from our vacation in Germany with Donna and Morgan.  We toured a castle and of course, I was drawn to the kitchen, working people's areas.  




Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Footstool makeover opinions needed

Ok Guys and Dolls, I need some help in deciding what to do with my footstool.  I bought this huge, great big wingback chair and footstool a few years ago at an estate sale for $75 if I remember correctly.  The chair is in our bedroom and the colors fit into that room ok but I would like to recover it eventually but that's not my dilemma right now.  The footstool is in our tv room and not only does the fabric not work but it's starting to fall apart.  We use red and tans in this room and that will continue even when we move (if we EVER get this house sold) so the blue fabric doesn't work.  I thought about burlap but I've never been one to follow trends so that's kinda out in my book. 

Can you see the "mend" that made on this side?
Then I found this twin size quilt top at the estate sale that I went to this weekend...yep the one that I was only going to look at the prims at....anywhooooo.  I paid $15 for it and I bought it thinking about using it on this footstool. The red fabrics are very faded looking and small prints which is wonderful for me.   But now I'm having second thoughts about cutting up someone's hard work and ruining it.  What are your thoughts on this plan?
It's really pretty so am I messing up a good quilt top that someone would love finishing and using in their home?

And why is it the minute you start working on something, the cat will suddenly wake up from her nap no matter where she is in the house and come lay on your project?

We're back in TN this week so I have a few days to ponder this.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day around our house because Mark has said since we were dating, that he hated that it was only one day a year to celebrate love and that was just wrong.  Frankly, I think he forgot it the first time but we've stuck with this tradition every year since 1986.  Now we celebrate St Patrick's day usually with flowers and dinner out which works great because restaurants aren't crowded and flowers are fresh and plentiful. We do a lot of goofy things like this because we're not "normal"....lol.  Mark never gets me flowers for the expected holidays/occasions but instead randomly shows up bearing flowers because it's Wednesday or he thought about me when he stopped to buy milk or it's the week before vacation, ect.... It always makes me smile.   He's not perfect but he's perfect for me!!!!
We weathered the ice and snow just fine but ready for it to leave.  We were lucky that we never lost power and the sun is out so it's melting away now. That makes me really happy because there's an estate sale that is featuring prims that starts tomorrow that I'd like to drop by to visit.  I know I'm not suppose to be buying anything until we get our next home but I just can't pass up a chance to "see" prims.  The sale was suppose to start on Thursday but was delayed due to the weather.  I planned on going first thing in the morning but carpet/couch cleaner is coming at 9:00....dang it!  Just a note to everyone, don't use cheap carpet tape on your sofa to keep the cat from clawing it because it won't stop the cat from clawing it but it will leave tape residue on the sofa.  Yuck!  I actually did this back when Clarice was a baby and I've tried since then to get this residue off myself to no avail.  The cleaner actually came a few weeks ago but didn't get it off so he's coming again in the morning to try again.  I hope he gets it right this time because I really like this sofa and planned on keeping it after the move but may have to rethink that if he can't get it cleaned.
Well I'm off to straighten up the house and make him a Chess Pie because it's become his new favorite pie.  Thanks Donna Davis for sharing the recipe with me.  Hope y'all have a great weekend and do something today that makes you happy!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Swap Goodies and Snow again in GA

 I drove in yesterday from TN because we've got another winter storm moving into our area again.  I know all my northern friends just laugh at us southerners and trust me I do as well because everybody just freaks out.  Panic, Panic, Panic Will Robinson...oh wait that's Danger Will Robinson...well that still works since they've already declared us a disaster area and we've only had a few flakes fall.  I went to the store this morning since we've been gone over a week, I needed just a little bit of everything but shelves were bare.  I felt like Old Mother Hubbard because I don't think I could even find the poor doggie a bone.  I expected milk and bread to be gone but cheese????  There wasn't any shredded cheese to be had or juice or coffee creamer both dairy and powdered.  It was weird but I got a few things and we'll survive.    Mark drove in this afternoon so he beat the weather and we'll just snuggle in with Clarice to enjoy the show.  Trust me that may be all we enjoy because they have had storm coverage on all day again today so no tv.  Argh!

Ok on to some fun goodies from my wonderful swap partners. I posted what I sent to Cindi and Lynn but since I wasn't home I didn't get my packages until I got back here.  Let me just say that I was spoiled and what great friends I have found thanks to Amy from Bumble Bee Lane for hosting such a great swap again.

First I opened Cindi's box and just look at all these goodies.  And Cindi's blog is  http://cindiscountrycorner.blogspot.com
Just look at those sweet little tucks and I put them in the wooden bowl of apples on the kitchen table.  And those cinnamon hearts smell so good so I hung one on the huge cutting board that I brought back from Germany and I put the rest in my basket of cookie cutters.  The love plaque is so sweet and I've got to decide where to put it 'cause it'll stay out all year along with the big "twig" pencil.  As soon as I opened it and Mark saw it he said "Well I guess that's the new grocery list pencil"?  Well of course it will be! That boy knows me all too well.

Then I opened the box from Lynn and what treasures did I find you ask?  It might be better for me to show ya and you can find Lynn at http:lifeonthewieneeranch.blogspot.com
See that cute little crow and heart pillow tuck?  And those wonderful vintage little kid's dishes and muffin tin.  I've always wanted a little tin to put with my cookie cutter so it's just perfect. She also sent me a lot of the salt dough heart ornies which Mark promptly tried to much on. He said "Wow someone sent you sugar cookies" and before I could even tell him what they were he was examining them to eat.  I should say that sugar cookies are his favorite cookies so I promised to make him some since these weren't for him to eat. 

This sweet little dress will stay out all year long in the laundry room.
Now ya see why I said these ladies just spoiled me rotten and now Mark has decided if he can't eat the "sugar cookies" and he's gonna be snow bound the rest of the week then we should go eat a steak right now at Longhorn.  Yummy and he'll get no complaints from me for this idea.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine swaps and a wonderful win

I'm just overjoyed that so many of you have signed up for my 4 year blogging anniversary giveaway.  I have already been gathering up some great treasures and can't wait to finish putting everything together.  I just love surprises and creating something for others really thrills me.

Speaking of surprises, I was the lucky winner of Edgar's chart giveaway at Blacksheep's bit of the web and if you aren't following him you should!!!! His stitching is gorgeous and I'm just amazed at how quickly he stitches.  I won the Christmas Band Sampler by Heartstrings Sampling and I want to start it right now but I have a couple of smaller ones to finish first.  Y'all know I don't do WIPs so I'd better get my needle in gear and finish up so I can start it.  I forgot to mention that Edgar is also quite the baker and I've made several of his recipes to rave reviews.

Now on to Amy's Valentine Swap from Bumble Bee Lane and the new friends that I have made.  Amy asked if I'd take 2 partners for this swap and I eagerly agreed because have I mentioned I love creating for others....lol. Now I'll say this I'm not a crafter or particularly talented like the ladies that take part in these swaps but I do put my whole heart into it.  I hope that makes up for my lack of skills!  Just consider yourself warned if you ever get me for a partner. 

My first partner was Lynn from http:lifeonthewieneeranch.blogspot.com and I'm so happy she liked her packages.  She has the sweetest furry babies and I have to say they have started me wanting to adopt a dachshund.  I think Clarice would disown me if I did so I'll just keep reading the doggie's adventures in Lynn's house. So I forgot to take pictures of what I sent Lynn but she posted them on her blog so I copied them.  Just look at that sweet face on this vintage figurine....makes you want to adopt a wiener dog doesn't it?

Next I swapped with Cindi from   http://cindiscountrycorner.blogspot.com/
and what fun it was putting her package together. Cindi is a very proud auntie just like me but unlike me, she's got a baby nephew that she gets to babysit.  It makes me really wish I lived closer to mine in Arkansas but trust me when I say they're not babies anymore but teenagers and young adults so not as much fun to hang out with. Well I think they are fun when they get off the phones, off the games, computers, ect .... and interact with their old fat auntie. LOL!  Anyway just like before I forgot to take pictures so had to snag them from Cindi's blog.

And interesting little tidbit was that Lynn and Cindi both said their favorite candy was Reeses Peanut Butter cups so I thought that was funny.   I think the best thing about Amy's swaps is that you make lifelong, new friends!  It's great because these friends will travel with you no matter where life takes you. 
Well I'm off to snuggle with Clarice because TN has snow moving into our area tonight and we love to watch it fall. Have a great weekend and hope we get snowed in for at least a couple of hours.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Anniversary Giveaway

Hi y'all and hope everyone is having a great day so far.  I was driving to TN yesterday just singing along with the radio and Clarice let me know right away that this was not acceptable to her.  I'm used to Mark objecting to my singing but the cat....guess I should finally give upon my dream of singing in a band.  Seriously, Clarice and I drove up by ourselves so I was thinking ok "Girl Trip" but she was unimpressed with my singing and yowled to let me know just how unhappy she was.  So as she napped and I just daydreamed which in retrospect wasn't a good choice since I was the one driving...lol.

I just started thinking about when I started blogging and realized it was 4 years ago in January.  Wow I was really surprised when I realized that because we've had a lot of life changes in these past 4 years.  Let's see I went from working professional to SAHM to my sweet baby Clarice.  We also have lived in 2 different states and countries, had some amazing adventures and some really rough times but that's life and I'm happy to be sharing it with y'all.  So I have decided to host my first ever giveaway of some of my favorite things.  I have no idea exactly what it will be but you can bet it'll include some munchies, some stitching and of course some antiques.  Just leave me a comment on this post before February 20th and Clarice will pick the name of the lucky winner on the 22nd. 

Now I'm gonna leave you with a little picture of my baby and hope you do something today that makes you smile!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Simple Monday Reflections

Here are a few pictures of the house this morning

Mark made the cabinet to cover the thermostat and alarm box in the master bedroom

My favorite salvage finds and that green paint is just chippy perfection


Breakfast nook
I still have my first item by OLM from my swap with Francine out in this display.  I just can't bear to put him away yet so he's still hanging out on the wooden bread board that I got while we were in Germany

Spice Box

Spoon Rack just has perfect patina

Reproduction cubby holds favorite and special occasion wine corks. It's got such grey/blue chippy paint that made me swoon the first time I saw it.

Candle box by The Workshop of David T Smith and I love the blue paint

Display on the dry sink just a collection of vintage measuring spoons because I love all old kitchen items