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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OMG, It's freakin hot!!!!

This past weekend the air conditioner decided to go on the fritz and of course, it peaked at 100 degrees here! The guy finally got here Monday nite only to tell me that it was frozen and nothing he could do about it until it thawed. So $100 later after I buried his remains in the backyard....I found out what we'll probably need is a new unit. He can't come back until tomorrow night and he already has 90 appointments for Tuesday but he'll get to me...yea right! When I got home from work Tuesday, it was 92 degrees upstairs. I thought I was gonna pass out just walking up there to change my clothes. Poor little Clarice wouldn't even go up then stairs...smart kitty! We've spent the last 4 nights sleeping on the couch in the basement and it hasn't been pleasant. Think about it....2 sets of stairs if you need anything from the bedroom, the basment doesn't have a "tv" just a projector that Mark doesn't run unless we're watching movies and he just didn't feel like doing that...whatever! But the worst part was having to go upstairs to shower and get ready for work. I was sweating my makeup off as fast as I was slathering it on. Anyway, the guy showed up after 8 last night, charged the unit and said let's just run her until she gives up the ghost then we'll replace her. Now I'm thinking the unit is only 5 years old so why would she be giving up the ghost at such a young age....well it seems it's just another thing the builder cheaped out on. I'd like to strangle that guy but I guess the state of the building industry around these parts is doing that job very well for me! Revenage is best served cold along with a dirty martini! LOL!

So my ebay has taken on a life of it's own. Today I thought this is great I've made $242.50 then I started thinking...hmmm...postage, supplies and ebay fees reduce that to about $100 which I was lucky enough to spend on the air conditioner guy. This isn't fair. Never thought I'd get rich selling my stuff but factoring in my time, I've gotta be losing money. Maybe a garage sale or a flea market booth would have been a better idea afterall. I've decided that I'll stick with it for a couple more months and continue to purge just so I'll have more closet space.

Well mark's just arrived home so I'm off to wow him with my culinary skills of dialing the phone to order pizza.

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