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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend plans?

All my include "Honey Do" projects all of which Mark is dreading.  So sorry but it's a gorgeous fall day and what better way to celebrate with pressure washing the decks, cleaning  the basement, cutting all the shrubs & trees, cleaning out the storage area with all my seasonal goodies and anything else that pops into my little old head while we are puttering around.  Then we're off to dinner with friends and maybe the fair if I can talk them all into going with me.  I say eat dinner at the fair....yummy corn dogs, cotton candy, funnel cake, roasted corn, ect...it'll probably cost more to eat there than any 5 star restaurant. 

I love Christopher Columbus and sure enjoyed Monday being off work.  I slept in until 7:30, ate my poptart while catching up on everyone blog and then took a quick trip up into the north Georgia mountains for some primitive retail therapy.  I just love, love Hearts and Flowers in Cleveland and would love to have at least one of everything in her store but sadly my budget doesn't allow for that much retail therapy.  I did some awesome stuff.....a pillow that's a Halloween black cat, brown coverlet table runner, brown homespun chair pad that I want to make into a pillow, small irvin's tartwarmer, black crow, snowman, 3 bags tarts, the newest Early American Home and Simple Things magazines and finally  prim candle ring for Christmas with little sprigs of pin and tiny pinecones.  Wow, it does sound like a lot when I type it all out but it all fit into 1 shopping bag.  I also stopped at Bessie Mae's where I got a cute little prim snowman, treat or treat post its and a little wooden thingy which I think is part of an old clamp or maybe a rope bed turning device.  Don't you love the techinal talk of thingy but it's hard to explain.  I'll post a picture this afternoon and maybe someone can tell me what it is.

I'm making great progress on my Trix or Treat pattern from Blackbird Designs.  I started while at the camp but set it aside when we got home so I could finish Be Kind and True also by the uber talented Alma and Barb.  I crawled into bed last night with some of my older patterns to decide what I want to start next and I'm thinking....hmmm....Beware of Cat by Birds of a Feather....I hate that they aren't designing cross stitch patterns anymore because the Halloween ones are to die for!  I've got all of them plus several of the every day patterns and hope to finish all of them.  Also want to start The Primitive Needle's Halloween Revelry which was featured in the 2009 Just Crossstitch Halloween magazine.  Oh and her Oujia Board pattern which I won on ebay a few months back.  Why is there never enough time to stitch?  I'm going to join the ladies on the yahoo Blackbird Designs group for a SAL starting Christmas day so I'll have to pick that pattern soon and get whatever I don't have on hand.  Why is that you think I have everything I need for this pattern then you start sorting thru thread and realize that you're short a couple...ugh!

Ok, it's now 10 minutes until I get off work so I guess I should post this and actually do some work before we close.  Nah, I'll just go make copies of the patterns that I want to start next week and then lock the doors.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Post some stitchy pics!! I'd love to see what you're working on. Your Maine pics are GORGEOUS!! I'd love to go to Maine some day. Forget the beach or Disney World--give me Maine any day! My cousins have a "camp" in Maine, too... which looks anything but camp-like!

    I love all your planned projects. Sounds like what are in my stash bags. I hear you on BOAF, too. Did you hear that one of their designs just went for over $200 on Ebay??


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