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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Clarice's Encounter at the park

Today is sunny and bright over here so to escape the heat,  Clarice and I went for a stroll in the park this afternoon.  She really enjoys walking on her leash and exploring so I just let her wander around while I follow her reading my kindle.  Today I finally got her close enough to a bench so I could sit while she explored.  I was distracted because I started a new book right before we left (One Thousand White Women-The Journals of Mary Dodd) which had me enthralled.  Suddenly I feel a sharp tug on the leash so I look up and there is Clarice face to face with this squirrel.  This little guy is bright red and he's as curious about her as she is him.  They were literally nose to nose then he scampered up a tree just barely out of her reach and they "Talked".  He would chatter at her, I would talk to them both and Clarice would meow just a little.  I'm sure we were quite a sight but it was just amazing.  I walked up to the tree and I swear the squirrel would have let me pet him if I'd reached out.  He was so tame but Clarice lost interest in him so we headed for home.  It was one of those encounters where you just kick yourself for not having your camera because it was so surreal.  I hope we see him again so I can get some pictures.

Thanks everyone for your kind words about the loss of my grandmother.  She was a feisty, little thing that spoke her mind and it's really strange to realize that she was my exact age that I am now when I was born.  I was her first grandchild and the only girl for 11 years (I think that is right).  We spent our young years living on the same street as her and Pappa so we were at their house as much as we were our own.  She was the finest country, down home cooking woman that there has ever been.  Paula Deen has nothing on my mamma!  She showed everyone her love by cooking for them and it didn't matter what time of the day or night you stopped by her house, my gosh she was gonna feed ya!!!! My little brother, John would walk into her house asking "Mamma, you got any pots on the stove" every time we went in her back door.  I could probably count on oe hand the times I went in thru her front door because that just wasn't her and Pappa....they were always in the kitchen and rarely sitting down in the living room. They always had a huge garden and Pappa could grow anything so Mamma always put up a lot and I do mean a lot of pickles, jams, beans, okra, corn, tomatoes, ect.... Her fig preserves were my favorite but her bread and butter pickles were a close second.  And fry chicken...man oh man that woman could fry the best chicken in the world!!!  Her mother passed away when she 10 years old so she started taking care of her baby sister, daddy and brothers at that young age.  Her daddy had to build her a step to reach the top of the stove and her aunts taught her how to keep house.  I just can't imagine a child doing that nowadays and keep in mind this would have been 82 years ago so things weren't as easy as they are now.  Wow!!!!!

Ok one last thing I forgot to post a picture yesterday of my favorite treasure so far over here.  I got a German (duh) Wedding Chest for $35E and we are using it as our tv stand.  Mark actually spotted it covered with a horrible old vinyl tablecloth draped over it outside and I didn't even want to ask how much because I figured it would be way out of my price range.  I was shocked beyond words when she said $40E but I was able to talk her down to $35 anyway

Isn't it just wonderful with the flowers painted on it with the old red and blue paint?  I just love it!
Ok so off for now to fix some dinner before Mark straggles in tonight.  I think we are having stuffed peppers because I got some amazing red, yellow and green peppers at the market today....yummy!  I don't think I've made this dish in the last 10 years so I hope it's as easy as I remember.

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  1. I so love reading stories like yours!
    enjoy those stuffed peppers.


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