Welcome to my little world! My name is Donna and I'm the mother of one very spoiled kitty named Clarice. I was a banker for over 20 years but now I'm a SAHM and loving every minute of it. I'm a super, huge Bon Jovi fan and an avid cross stitcher. I love decorating my home with flea market finds, primitive style items and vintage items. My hubby says if the last three generations threw it out as trash it'll end up in our house as a decoration.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hoppy Easter

Just "hopping" in for a quick minute to wish everyone a glorious Easter.  Mark's been back in the US for the week and was to be home tomorrow but he's had to extend his stay for another week.  So I'm having a little pity party for myself and Clarice if anyone wants to join us.  Seriously, it's not so bad because I have been stitching up a storm, watching all the crime shows I can stomach and eating junk food for a week but today I'm off to buy some real food since I have the car.  Yes, I'll make sure to watch out for those parked cars that decide to jump into my path....lol!  I was just about over it when we got the bill from the guy yesterday.....$1500 Euros and trust me,  when I say very little damage on his car.  WTH but it's not like I can do anything about it so just gonna  pay it and move on with my life.  I can't change it and it was truly an accident, no one was hurt and quite frankly, I'm surprised it hadn't happened sooner.  I'm just not a great driver because my depth perception is always just a little off.  But don't ever, ever tell Mark I said I wasn't a good driver because we argue about that all the time. 
I'm off to shower then out for a quick jaunt to find some frames for my needlework and of yea, to get some food.
Hoppy Easter


  1. Morning Donna,
    Sorry Mark isn't going to be back home for Easter...and you off in a far away country...but you sound grounded.
    I imagine by now you are home from your errands as it's later over there. Hope it was a success finding frames (and food of course)

  2. Sorry you have to spend Easter alone. Hope you have a good day anyway. Glad the car deal is working out. Happy stitching.



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