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Monday, May 27, 2013

My Vacation Treasures

So I told ya about some of the places we went when Morgan and Donna were visiting but I forgot to show ya my treasures

Here's my latest German Beer/Water Crockery Bottles. The small orange one is the only one I have been able to find any info on and it's a bottle for Spring Water from the 1600's. The others are beer bottles but I'm still trying to find dates for them

The punched metal mold is was found in Strasbourg, France and I thought the lady said it was a foie gras mold but not too sure.  Right now it's sitting in my "fridge" window and it's looks great.
We went to a watch factory and I found this treasure in the trash pile. It's completely sturdy and the patina is so great which makes me wonder why it got trashed....oh well, it's got a new home where it is loved! This is so coming back to the US with us.
And last but not least is my German Repro Benickles which I just love, love, love!  Wish I could the actually find the antique ones but have had no luck at all in locating any!





  1. Great treasures Donna. You will have quite the collection at moving time!

  2. Awesome treasures, love the beer bottles!! I enjoy hearing your stories of Germany, I love Germany and wish I could visit again.

  3. Such great treasures you have found! It's hard to believe what some people think is trash...

  4. What great treasures and such awesome memories from your time there.


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