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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good Dr report

Today has been a great day!  For starters today is our 26th wedding anniversary and Mark surprised me by coming home!  I think that this was the best anniversary present EVER!!!!!  I called him this morning and sang "Happy Anniversary,  Baby  Got You On My Mind" and even then he didn't tell me that he was driving home.  But more importantly, he still came home after my awful singing.  So here we are 26 years ago and who'd have thunk of all adventures life would take us on.

I had my follow up cardiologist appointment today so he figured he needed to be with me and I'm so very glad that he made it home for it.   She said that my heart looks good, no damage and this is a congenital heart defect that I was born with.  I'll need to take meds for the rest of my life but losing weight and shaping up will help me greatly.  So next step is to join weight watchers.....again.  It works and I have made my mind up that this time I'll lose the weight and keep it off because I don't want to go thru this ever, ever again.  Basically what I have is called a Bridged Artery which means that my artery is trapped inside my heart muscle and the only way to fix it is bypass surgery but we can control it with meds so I'm all for that option.  I do have to carry nitro pills with me as a precaution but again losing body mass will help the condition immensely. 

I have been staging the house....again....I know, eye rolls all around.  I just can't help myself I watch way too much HGTV!  The trick is staging the house to show people how they can "live" if they buy the house not how you currently live in it.  So that being said I went on a thrift store hunt for staging items for the "terrace level".  Now when I was growing up, we called that a patio but nowadays it is referred to as a terrace.  I hit a couple of flea markets/antique stores and struck gold.  I found this awesome potting bench to put on the upstairs deck which allowed me to move the very weathered aka rickety table downstairs.  I staged it using my existing good will finds from a couple of years past. I need to take some pictures of the deck now that it's completed.

This picture was taken before
And the same little shop had these great wicker chairs so I was able to bundle them into a package deal.  Yes, I watch American Pickers too so Frank would be so proud of me.  Then I had my starting point so I started hitting the thrift stores where I found pillows, rug and wall art to complete the look. Again I staged it using only my prior good will finds from a few years ago.
I had foam seat cushions from a previous craft project and beige upholstery fabric in my stash so I duct taped it underneath instead of sewing in case I want to use it again for another project. 

Close up of the table scape.  I used mossy twigs from the yard clearing that we did last week to make a display.  Hey, you'd pay big bucks for those kind of props at Pottery Barn.  LOL!  I really wanted a hanging chandelier to make it look elegant and I was going to use candles in it but dang it all, there wasn't one to be found at any of the thrift stores I went to and I went to several.  I did find this metal wall art which I thought fit in really nice.
So there you have it folks for less than $125 I now have a relaxing terrace level sitting area! So what do you think?




  1. Looks great! You are doing a marvelous job "staging".
    What a beautiful couple you two make. Happy anniversary.
    Yeah for your check up! Sure is hard keeping it off, isn't it?
    Hugs :)

  2. That is great news and what a sweet wedding picture. Your dress is beautuful.
    Happy Anniversary lovebirds.

  3. Looks great, should help the house to sell

  4. Happy Anniversary, your gown was just beautiful. So thankful you can control this with meds. Hope all goes well with the staging to sell, it all looks wonderful. Good Health and Blessings to You!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Would you just look at you two!!! Good for you both. And glad you got things worked out with you heart doc. You sure didn't look "big" to me Donna!!

  6. Happy belated anniversary. What an awesome surprise that your hubby came home!
    Can you come to my house to decorate like that? That looks GREAT!!

  7. Happy Anniversary!
    Yeah, I watch those shows, too. You did a fine staging job!


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