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Monday, November 18, 2013

Rainy, Relaxing Weekend

Hi everybody and I hope no one falls and hits their head when they realize that I've posted twice now in this month.  It was a rainy, dreary weekend in Georgia but I used my time wisely to decorate for Christmas and spend time with my treasured friend, Maria.  Mark left Saturday for Germany and he'll be gone until Thursday so let the games begin.  You know that when the cat's away then Clarice and I play house.  LOL!  It has been heavenly to sleep in our own bed, stay up as late as we want and watch mindless tv and eat donuts for dinner and breakfast.  I'll post pictures of the house later today after I finish filling in with fresh greens.  Now remember that I have to keep things scaled way back since the house is on the market.  But ya know, I'm starting to really like the less is more concept in some spots.  Don't get me wrong as soon as the house sells, I'm dragging all my stuff back out because I've missed it but less/more sure makes cleaning easier.  LOL!

After lunch yesterday with Maria, I made a quick stop at an antique store and I found these wonderful old, chippy painted trim pieces.  The wheels started turning...ok they turned with loud squeaky noises since they don't get used much nowadays.  Let's see...now where was I going with this...oh...I stitched up Love Letters last year from BBD and it's a small cutie but I just couldn't decide what I was going to do with it.  Then I had a wonderful idea, what if I took the block of wood and attached the stitching to it.  Oh that would be amazing but how do I do it?  I mulled that over last night and finally came up with this.
I'm just loving this idea and it fits perfectly in with the BBD Noel that I stitched in 2009.  I still need to add some greenery to the cabinet so try to imagine a little fresh cedar laying there.  I paid $8 for the wood and the stitchery was done from stash odds and ends but I think it makes a real statement. What do y'all think?


  1. Yes! It looks super.
    Donuts for dinner AND breakfast huh?

  2. sounds like my kind of weekend. Especially the donuts for breakfast and dinner. Yummy. Enjoy your playing time.

  3. I think it is lovely. Looks great where you placed it.


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