Welcome to my little world! My name is Donna and I'm the mother of one very spoiled kitty named Clarice. I was a banker for over 20 years but now I'm a SAHM and loving every minute of it. I'm a super, huge Bon Jovi fan and an avid cross stitcher. I love decorating my home with flea market finds, primitive style items and vintage items. My hubby says if the last three generations threw it out as trash it'll end up in our house as a decoration.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Stitching 2016

Between moving, unpacking, projects and just general life it feels like I've lost my stitching mojo.  When we finished the back porches I was just sure my mojo would return but sadly it's still lacking.  Oh well we're 5months into the year and here's the few things I've finished:

These little pretties were a quick weekend stitch  Spring's Notice and Savior Faire by Blackbird Designs

From Me to Thee  

Evening Shades in the Garden
                                                                  Spring Fling
I have this one finished except for the border and hope to finish it this next week.

Midnight Watch
was started in 2009 and finally finished in 2015 but I have now backed it with a great orange print.  I'm not sure if I'll stuff it to use as a pillow this fall or just hang it as a wallhanging.

I'm also stitching Autumn Silhouette that I was loaned thru the fb Blackbird Lending Library gals and I'm loving it.  Maybe this means my stitching mojo is returning!

I stitched Bluebird's Message back when we were living in Germany.  I didn't hang it when we got back because the colors were just so bright.  Today I was at an Estate Sale on 50% off day and spotted this Homer Laughlin platter and knew it was just what Bluebird needed so I whipped out my $5 and hurried home to hang it in my kitchen.  I just think they are perfect together but what do you think?

Do something today that makes you happy and I think I'll stitch on the porch!


  1. I LOVE Blackbird Designs, so all of those caught my eye! Enjoy your stitching!

  2. Evening Donna, adore your stitching, so talented at it. I treasure the Valentine bird and heart you sent me, love it.Blessings Francine.

  3. I think the platter and Bluebird's Message compliment each other very well!


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