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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Whew, is it fall yet?

This has been one long, hot summer!  I'm not sure I have ever sweated this much in my entire lifetime.  Nice visual for you all but you know you are hot when you drag your skirt over the steering wheel so the air will blow up it when driving to or from work.  I'm sure the guys in trucks have a good laugh or more likely, cringe when they pass by me.  Cooler weather please hurry to Georgia!

My folks came to visit for a week and what a great visit it was.  My daddy hadn't been to my house in 2 years and momma a year so it was a real treat!  I miss them so much and never get enough time with them.  They both retired this summer so I'm hoping for a few more visits now.  And speaking of retiring, my daddy just loves to grin and say he doesn't even wear a watch nowdays.  I'm so happy they are still young and healthy enough to enjoy retirement.  Daddy's company gave them a $8,000 travel voucher so the next day momma booked a trip to Hawaii for Thanksgiving.  It sounds like the trip they have always dreamed of taking....2 weeks, cruise, tours, car, ect all paid for...and I'm so excited for them.  They'll have a blast.

Mark was gone last week to Korea again and got home on day 3 of my folks visit.  That was nice because it gave me some alone time with them plus time to get my house cleaned and all my cooking done before they got here.  I swear I cook way too much stuff when I have guests but I never hear anyone complaining.  I did swipe a recipe from Edgar's Blacksheep blog for a coffee cake that was to die for.  And so easy that I"ll be adding it to the recipe rotation.  Yummy, sure wish I had some of it this morning.

We leave on vacation a week from today.  I'm so excited and can't wait to see the house that we're staying at not to mention all the fall leaves colors.  This morning I picked out my traveling stitching project....hey that's almost as important as my clothes.  I'm almost done with Be Kind and True which is my 2nd SAL this summer.  I've picked out Evergreen to travel with since it only takes 3 colors...perfect traveling stitching....hope this house has good enough light for me to stitch.  Maybe need to look into buying a travel light....hmmm....I have a little book lite somewhere ...now where did I hide it?????

I can't wait to explore a new area with lots of antique, primitive country stores and stitching stores.  Now that I know for sure everything is booked, I'll start getting my wish list ready.  I should probably get the house decorated for fall before I leave so it'll be a great little treat to come home to in October. 

Have a great weekend and hope cooler is headed this way soon.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your parents. My parents went to Hawaii a couple of years ago and LOVED it!! I am sure your parents will have tons of fun. I wish you an enjoyable vacation. Take pictures of the cool prim things and share when you get back. Go ahead and decorate for Fall...I did the last week of August...tired of the GA heat! :-)


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