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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

As a kid, I just couldn't wait for another year to pass so I'd be one year older and more "grown up" but dang it, now someone needs to stop the time from flying by so fast!  My momma always said don't wish your life away because it goes by fast enough on it's own but I thought she was just an "old lady" because come on, a year is 12 months every year!  What could she possibly know?  Well now I admit, ALOT!!!!!!  It seems like I just blinked and the year had passed.  I also realized that my baby niece will be 13 in March so no more little ones in my family.   We've also been gone from home for over 10 years now and it truly doesn't feel like "home" now.  Don't get me wrong, seeing all my family is home but driving thru the town things have changed so I don't always recognize landmarks any longer.

We finally got news on what's been plaguing my momma's health and it wasn't good news.  She's got a rare kidney disease so we're waiting to hear that her dr was able to get her into a specialist in New York.  I'm worried, she's scared and daddy's just determined that we can "fix" everything....I pray that he's right.  I can't lose my momma....she's my sunshine on my darkest days, my cheerleader when I'm feeling overwhelmed, she's my laughter when I honestly can't think of anything to laugh at and best of all, she's my momma! 

I've got to take my Christmas stuff down and pack it away today.  I've got to get it all done before the week starts or it'll still be up a month from now.  We start conversion in a week so I'll be busy, busy for a few weeks not to mention that I'll be going to New York whenever momma gets an appointment.  Mark was going to fly out Tuesday morning for Korea but that trip has been postponed until the week I start conversion.....smart man!  You'd think he's been thru a couple of these before with me....LOL!

Well he just woke up and wants pancakes for breakfast so I''m off to cheer him on while he cooks.  Gotta love a man that cooks breakfast.

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