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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I'm sitting here on Sunday nite praying for snow just like I did as a kid so I didn't have to go to school.  They are predicting 5 to 7 inches for us tonight along with freezing sleet and rain. The schools are already starting to cancel classes for tomorrow and not a flake has fallen yet.  I hope we get snowed in for at least 1 day because I just love puttering around the house with snow falling, something yummy and hot simmering on the stove and something baking in the oven like cake.  So everyone cross their fingers and wish for snow right along with me!

We're gearing up for conversion at the bank next week so life is about to turn again.  New policies, procedures and operating systems...gee sounds like a fun party....anyone else want to attend in my place?  LOL!  Thank goodness I've actually used the operating system before so it won't be completely greek to me or maybe it will be because it's been almost 7 years since I used it.  Not to mention that my CRS is getting worse by the day...heck, let's me honest by the minute.

My little brother lost his cat, Grady last night and my heart is just breaking for him.  I called him last night and we had a good, long cry together.  I sure wish I could reach out and hug him because he's hurting so bad.  Times like these make it hard to be away from my family.  I understand how he feels and it did bring back all my feelings about losing Maggie again.  I spent most of the night tossing and turning before finally just giving up at 5:00am to stitch.  There is nothing that calms me quite like stitching.  I used to love to read so much but now it's like I can't clear my mind long enough to read.

And speaking of stitching, I'm working on a special sampler by Blackbird Designs for a SAL which is in honor of my great aunt Flo.  She was such a special part of my life that the minute I saw this sampler for a "Dear Sister" that I had to make this for her.  She passed away in March 1987 which is the same year that Mark and I got married such a long time ago.  She really wanted to see me in my wedding dress so I quickly found one and had my portraits made so she could see it.  But that wasn't the dress that I actually wore because the wedding shop screwed up the alterations so I was scrambling to find a new dress. 

I spent a few hours yesterday going to my favorite primitive country store, flea market and thrift stores.  I found several great items and I didn't spend a fortune so Mark's happy as well.  I need to find a place for everything and take some new pictures of the house to post.  Maybe tomorrow when I'm snowed in will be a good time for that to happen.

Well, enough for now because I've got to watch the weather channel to make sure it's gonna snow before I call it a night and hit the sack.  After last nights emotional toll, I'd like to go to bed early.  Remember everyone wish for lots of snow tonight in Georgia!

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