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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Girl's Trip Only 4 days away!

I still can't believe that Maria and I are driving to North Carolina on Sunday to spend quality time with our boys Saturday nite!  I'm just so freakin excited that I can't stand myself.  Good thing Mark isn't home this week because I'm literally just jumping up and down with joy.  Maria, say goodbye to your family 'cause we're becoming groupies this weekend.  I got some awesome new concert outfits because no matter where you are sitting, you must look amazing just in case the band wants to Runaway with you....LOL!  And, yes I meant the pun on Runaway!

It's a busy time around the Harris household with yet more training for me.  Wahoo!  More changes happening almost daily so I'm just trying to keep my head down and my mouth shut right now.  And you know that last one is very difficult for me.  Today the new President for Georgia, Mark noticed I was setting up dummy loans during training (because he was standing looking over my shoulder almost the whole freakin day) for Mickey Mouse Cheese Shop which he was quick to point out to everyone because I was thinking outside the box making up my own customers.  Not sure if that was meant to be flatteringor not.  Oh well, only time will tell.  This is a funny side note on conversion day My Mark sent this huge, huge bouquet of flowers to me to share with all the girls at work and I was reading the card out loud to everyone....Just Push The Button...Conversion Day Baby....Love Mark.  The ladies helping us from Mississippi thought my President sent them to me and signed it Love Mark.  It gets confusing so now we say My Mark and the Other Mark at work.

My Mark decided that this past weekend would be a great time to finish all the touch up painting in the tv room.  Oh joy and by we should finish it really meant Donna should finish it.  We still had the drapery brackets up because I hadn't really decided if I wanted to put drapes back up and the tie back knobs were still screwed into the window woodwork but he wanted it finished already.  So I spackled and filled but still haven't painted because it's too dark by the time I get home at nite.  I've got to find the time tomorrow to get er done since he'll be home on Friday to check my results.  I want it done but I just hate dragging all the paint back out, trying to blend the touch ups so they don't show as bad and most importantly I hate washing paint brushes.  Ugh!   But I owe him because I made him drive into Atlanta to a great estate sale that I saw on Craigs List and it was full of all things prim.  Well not so much after we got there!  The guy had sold all his prim stuff so basically I left with nothing and pouted all the way home.  Poor guy had to drive all that way then listen to me all the way home kicking myself for not going Friday when I got off work. 

Well Clarice is driving me nuts laying all over the key board trying to get me to play so I'm off to play hide and go seek as well as a little laser tag.  Have a great weekend and think of me screaming my lungs out at the concert!

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