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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mid week slump

I should be bouncing off the walls because I'm almost thru the work week, Mark's gone again and we're suppose to get a little snow tonight but just can't seem to get the energy to do it.  Seriously, the systems change at work has been challenging but we've survived!  We also bought another local bank last Friday and they will be coming on board really soon.  They actually only have 3 branches and we already share a lot of customers so we've been busy answering questions, ect for customers.  Been fun and it's made me learn more about the systems since I'm constantly looking up info.  Life is never boring!

Actually life is good!  My Jovi lovin, best friend got us.....oh wait for the scream.....4th row pit tickets for the concert in May here in Atlanta.  OMG!  I'm still just bouncing off the walls and can't believe that we got this lucky!  We've never been this close before....7th row was as close as I had been but 4th freakin row......watch out David, I'm coming for ya.  Poor boy just doesn't know how afraid he should really be!

Mark's "living" in Tennessee for the next couple of months leading a turn around of a new company they just bought.  Those of you that know us well know that this is just a part of our life...living apart is the norm but I sure do miss him and Clarice really does.  She about sniffed him to death all last weekend and he won't even be home this weekend so her little heart will be broken.  I'm going to try to go see him for the weekend but if snow moves in like they are saying then I'm staying at home.  Got a new little car and wouldn't want to hurt it before I've even made the first payment.

Speaking of Mark being gone last week, I did a major overhaul on the tv room.  I had planned on doing it when he was in Korea but was just too sick to get that accomplished.  It looks really good if I do say so myself.  It's not prim like the rest of the house because it is "his room" as he likes to tell me all the time.  I'm trying to get some pics posted but the room is painted a dark gray and it's nite so they're turning out quite dark.....oh well such is life.

Heard from my folks this morning and they've got like 20 inches of snow.  WTF!  Did someone forget that Arkansas is a southern state?  My cutie pie niece posted a few pics on her facebook and I'm just shocked at that much snow.  There are times I'm really happy to be living in Atlanta and this is one of them!

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