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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Finishes

Wow it's been quite a year and with things winding down I wanted to share my 2011 finishes.  I can tell Mark's been traveling a lot based on the number of pieces that I actually finished.  No WIP's this past year was my goal and I almost accomplished that but dang Midnight Watch is still lingering in the guestroom closet.  I started stitching it to honor my Magggie cat and I think in my heart of hearts I just can't bear to finish it.  I'd think after 2 years it would be easier to "talk" about her but the truth is that I still miss her every day.  So 2012 resolution is to finish Midnight Watch.

Wow as I look at them now, I realize they are all Blackbird Designs and thank my lucky stars that Michael's had such a great deal on framing last month. 
Tulip House stitched for my MIL for christmas gift.  It honors her, my GMIL, my mom and granny.  The frame and matting were just perfect for her house and really added just the perfect finishing touch.

Dear Sister was stitched to honor my Great Aunt Flo.  She was quite a gal

Blackbird's Message

Paris Freebie Chart stitched while in Paris!  What great memories and I changed the color from pink to blue to fit in my bedroom scheme better.

Farm House stitched to honor my Pappa and what a gentle soul he was.

Waiting for the Harvest-pinkeep pattern but I love it framed

Moonlit Garden

So that's what I've been doing all year instead of blogging on a regular basis.  Right now I'm off to finish my first Non Blackbird Pattern in the last 2 years.....Bent Creek's Winter Row.  It's just too stinking cute and will be perfect hanging in the entrance hall until the last snow flake falls which in Atlanta happens about next week.  LOL!  Everyone have a wonderful new year and I look forward to spending the day looking thru my ever increasing "must stitch projects" for next year. 

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