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Thursday, January 12, 2012

What a difference an hour makes in Georgia

Let's see it's been above 60 degrees all year but today within the space of an hour the wind started howling and the temps started dropping.  It's suppose to be in the 20's tonight....brrrrr....where's my warm snuggle partner....oh Clarice will you let mommy curl up in the kitty condo tonight and watch tv?

Mark left Monday afternoon for Germany and I'm doing ok with it this time around.  He sent me his schedule yesterday and he'll be out of the country for 5 of the next 7 weeks so I'd better be ok with this.  I know, I know that he's always traveled and that I have always thoroughly enjoyed my me time but the last year it's been a little depressing not having anyone to talk to at night.  You know your mind starts reeling with home, work, family, ect   and there's no one sitting right beside you  to pull you off the ledge.  Anyhoo, I got some new happy pills, started seeing a therapist and things are looking brighter again.  Of course, a family cruise for the holidays went a long way into helping me find my way back to me!  I feel so grown up saying I have a shrink....lol....very Sex and The City don't ya think?  She's helping me learn to cope with work stress a lot better and given me some insight into why I do what I do.  But most importantly, she just listens without judgement or trying to solve every issue I talk to her about.   I love my hubby but he thinks he has to solve any work issues that I try to talk to him about and he doesn't get it, no matter how many times I say it.....just listen, don't fix anything!  He's a doer and I'm a thinking about doing person. 

So back to the family cruise, I went ziplining with my youngest brother, John and had so much fun.  I had almost forgotten what a smart, funny guy he is.   We're always close growing up but I don't get to go home that often anymore and when I do, I'm always trying to cram as much "auntie" time in that I forget that my brothers are even in the house.  I still can't believe that I went ziplining because I'm terrified of heights so much that glass elevators freak me out.  Not to mention my control freak tendencies so this was a huge feat for me.  The rest of the family decided to go with Mark drift snorkeling but John really wanted to zipline so I chose to go with him instead.  Of course, I have failed to mention that I got "stuck" about halfway across the 2 zipline and was just dangling out there.  When they say" don't brake lady until you are almost at the platform", they really, really mean don't brake lady until you are almost at the platform because if you do,  you will be left dangling until we can send out a sandbag and knock your fat ass back into moving.  It was quite funny then and even funnier now that I'm back on solid ground not dangling from a harness in the rain forest baring my fat, white ass and scaring the monkeys.  I had a blast!!!!!!  And so did John once he stopped laughing at me.  It was a great week for family time and reminded why I love my family so much....hey, we really put the "fun" in dysfunctional family! It was heavenly to just hang out, laugh and not to mention a whole  week without even having to pick up your own wet towels off the bathroom floor or wonder who was going to clean up the kitchen. 

Ok off to cuddle with Clarice and drink some yummy hot chocolate or something to warm up.

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