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Friday, February 24, 2012

What a week!

I have been struggling with a headache all week long and no amount of meds seem to be helping me kick it.  I was out of work Tuesday and again today because of the pain.  I don't know what's gonna have to happen to stop this cycle but something has to give soon.  I had Mark give me an injection on Tuesday and dang it, he hit the muscle because I have a huge bruise on my arm.  Sure wish I'd told him to shoot me in the rear end so it wouldn't hurt as bad. 

We've also been talking to his folks all week long because Jack's just not doing well right now.  They diagnosed him with Parkinson's and the meds they have given him are just not working right.  It could be that he's not taking them correctly or maybe they just aren't the right combo but he's having a really tough time.   They moved him into a rehab to help him get better control of his muscle function but have yet to start working with him in physical therapy.  WTF!  He's been there since Monday and no sign of the dr yet!  Mark's really torn because he wants to go home to see if he can help his dad and mom but he's got to leave for Germany on Sunday.  My heart just aches for him because no matter what he does he can't be in 2 places at once.  I have offered to go home for us next week but hr doesn't want me to do that.  Just say a extra little prayer for Jack, Kay and Mark to give them the strength and comfort they all need so badly right now.

Ok now for my family news, my daddy had to place my mamma in a rehab center 2 weeks ago but she's 92, basically living alone, blind, almost deaf and now seeing things that aren't real.  She's put up quite a fight about going but it really is the best decision for now.  She started thinking there was a man in her house trying to steal her pocketbook, a baby that was sitting on the arm of the chair that she talked to a lot and 4 little girls lined up on her bed while she scolded them for not being little proper ladies.  OMG!  I just have to laugh picturing what she's seeing and wonder from what part of her memory banks these memories come from.  Is she imagining my daddy as a baby or my aunt or is it just some random baby that she's created; what little girls is she lecturing because she does have 4 granddaughters and lord knows, none of us were little ladies...LOL!  Besides I'm 12 years older than my first girl cousin so it's not like we were all little at the same time.  Who knows! 

Mark and I had lunch yesterday at his favorite mexican place, Taco Mexico.  It's was very good but the smells just about did me in.  When I'm struggling with a headache my sense of smell is what goes into overdrive.  I can't stand the scent of perfume, deodorant or soap much less cooking smells.  But hey, I survived.  Anyhoo that's not what I started this paragraph, we were talking about our family situations and discussing what our fears are for ourselves as we age.  Mine is and always has been dementia or Alzheimer's since both of those run on both sides on my family.  It really scares me to think about a time where I won't know anything or more importantly everyone that I love.  Mark made a comment that I'd be dead before any of that happened so I quipped back "So think I'll get hit by a car riding my new bicycle or what?" and his response was "Well no car's gonna hit you but I can't promise a house won't fall on you"  OMG!  I laughed so hard that I had tears streaming down my face.  I love, love The Wizard of Oz and that was just too funny.  I laughed all afternoon and just had to share.  He's a smart ass but hey, he's my smart ass!

Now for stitchy news, I finally finished Snow Garden for my mamma and I never realized her initials spelled out FIG.  I have to say that I wasn't crazy about this piece at first because the muted colors just didn't appeal to me but it stitched up very pretty.  I also did a quickie stitch of Black Cat from the Trix or Treat book.  I'm really getting into my stitching groove for 2012 and might actually be able to complete my 12 Blackbird Projects in 2012.  Notice I said might because it's still very early in the year.  I also organized my threads, made a list for must have threads for 2012 and even bought some walnut ink that everyone in blog land says they use to "age" samplers.  I'll let you see how that works for me later because I don't want to age anything just yet.  Ignore the fact that both these need to be ironed:

Hope everyone has a great weekend and does something that makes your spirit happy!  I know I am because I'm cleaning out closets and stitching all weekend long.

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  1. I could use some help with a closet or two!

    So many things going on in your family right now. I will be sure to remember you in my prayers. I agree...something has got to give about those headaches! Hope you find an answer soon.

    God bless your Momma!

    Take care.....



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