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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Zared turned 21 today

And I'm still sitting here wondering where the time has gone! My little man is all grown up now. He was such a cute kid that will always hold a very special place in my heart. Mom was reading some of her old journals this week so we've shared some laughs over stories about Zared's childhood. One that she told me was one night she and Zared were watching a movie laying in the bed and she must have dozed off. She woke up to him patting her cheek and saying "ninny, don't close your eyes cause it gets dark in there". He used to say that he was sleeping with ninny until he turned 16 years old.....bet he wouldn't remember that now. He would make my daddy sleep in the guest room because his snoring kept him and ninny awake. What a kid!

So Mark left today for Korea which meant donna's taxi service made another run to the airport. I swear the car can make the trip without me even being aware of the trip. We had a great breakfast at cracker barrel and I had the sweet potato pancakes...yummy. Then after I dropped him off I made a dash to The Container Store for some project bags so I could kit up some of my projects for 2012. I have joined a blackbird designs sal for 12 finished pieces this year. What was I thinking? I hate deadlines but this is a good deadline. So I'm almost done with my first one as it's Snow Garden for my mamma since her birthday is in January. She turned 92! It's really a pretty piece but very muted. I'll post pics later this week after I get it pressed.

Now for the big news, mark's company has finally put together the relocation package for us moving to Germany and I think this may really be happening! We even went shopping for bicycles on Saturday. Now that's scarey because I realized that I haven't ridden a bike in over 30 years. Now quit laughing and let's hope the old adage of "it's just like riding a bike" is true. I think that scares me more than moving overseas. Lol! I woke up Friday morning with a real peace about this adventure that we may be embarking on. I even started packing in my sleep and as we all know, I talk a lot in my sleep so I kept waking mark up to ask what was in my boxes. So hopefully this will all come together pretty quickly because all this traveling is really wearing him out. At least if we were overseas he wouldn't have to be gone as much and I could actually travel with him more. Lastly, as we were shopping for bikes I told the sales guy that my bike must have a basket on the front so Clarice can ride in it. Can't you just see me biking thru Germany on my shiny purple bike with a little tuxedo kitty riding shotgun. I'd have to use her harness and strap her in but I bet she'd love it.
Well I'm off to watch sappy girlie love stories and stitch do hope you all have a great evening as well.

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