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Monday, June 18, 2012

Feeling European

Well we have been in Germany for a week now trying to sort everything out. We put an application in for a apartment over the weekend and just waiting to hear if we've been approved. Keep your fingers crossed because it is a marvelous old place complete with view of the castle in Durlach and across the street from the park. What could be more charming than a gorgeous view of trees, flowers and fountains without any sweat equity required on my part? I'm so not a yard person because I just don't do sweaty very well so this is a perfect solution. It's got 3 balconies, hardwood floors, right in town but it has a parking garage so Mark is happy. I would be in the oldest part of Karlsrhue with access to the tram and train station just a block away so I would be able to go anywhere with ease. I'm so excited but still trying o figure out how I'm gonna train Clarice to not jump out the windows. Remember no air conditioning here so windows must be open....any ideas will be much appreciated. I haven't stitched more than two or three times since we left home. I'm engrossed in reading a couple of new books and that seems to be easier to set aside right now. The only English speaking tv we have at the hotel is CNN so hat gets old rather quickly. I know I could watch movies on the iPad but frankly just not that interested right now. Mark has worked every day so I have breakfast with him then retire to the patio at the hotel to surf/research stuff, read or just kinda chill out. It's just so pretty and cool sitting here that I lose track of time and before I know it, mark is home from work asking what all I got accomplished...hummmmm, not everything I planned on doing.LOL Well I need to call the realtor to check the status of our applications, go exchange mony, open a bank account and hopefully go take measurements of the rooms in the apartment if we got approved. I'd like to order my kitchen before we leave for home on Thursday. Cheers Donna

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  1. I hope you get that place...it sounds wonderful!

    Keep us posted.


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