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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Devil is in the details now!

We arrived home on Thursday after a wonderful flight.  Don't know how we managed it but got upgraded to first class both ways!  Man, it's awesome and the only way to fly but alas we're too broke to pay for that kind of flying ourselves.  The seats recline, they are huge, personal tv sets, great food (no really I mean great food) and even warm chocolate chip cookies.....yummo!  Anyway, we are wanting to walk off the plane and Mark said "you have the parking ticket so you'd better start searching for it while we wait".  I said "Nope you didn't give it to me" and before he even responded this funny look came over him and he remembered that he left his car keys in the ignition of the rental car!  Now I'm thinking Oh, fudge if I'd been the one that left them it would be hell to pay and I'll just keep my mouth shut about it.  Ha!  Well long, really really long story short, we called Morgan to drive us the extra set of truck keys to the airport.  What a guy and I'm gonna miss them so much!  He brings them and we head for home only to get here and realize that we're locked out of the house.  Now suddenly that's all my fault but I kept my cool just walked next door to get my extra house key.  Oops, Morgan's not home from the airport yet and my extra house key isn't on the hook so I bet it's in his pocket.  So I grab Mark and we pile up in their house until Morgan gets home.  Poor guy took the wrong exit at the airport and looped Atlanta before he could get turned around and back home.  I felt horrible!!!!   We now have several copies of keys but since this is the only time in 25 years that we've ever done this I still think it's funny.

We got approved for the apartment and it's really wonderful.  It's in a 300 year old building with hardwood floors, big windows, 3 balconies and best of all it's right across from the park so no neighbors just green lush park views.  I've sketched out several different furniture layouts, surfed ebay and the German version  of craigs list to find some furniture.  I can't buy anything until we go back next month because I have no where to store anything or even pick it up before we move over but at least I know there are some options.  We got the kitchen measurements and are working with Ikea to get a kitchen built.  The issue is that it takes them 6 weeks to install it so we'll be finalizing the details from here and that's scary to a control freak like me.  of well it'll all work out....it has this far right? Oh and not only do you buy your own kitchen but no light fixtures come with the apartment either.  It's crazy!

I also got very exciting news while I was gone.  I won Patti at wanderingvines blog giveaway.  I never enter any giveaways because well, I never win but her blog is just delightful and she was giving away these marvelous buttons, keys, tomato full of pins, strawberry, ect and I was just so enthralled with it all that I entered.  And I won!!!! I have already picked out a wooden bowl to display them in when I get to Germany.  I just see these all nestled in the bowl on a table in the entrance hallway so I can see them all the time. 

Front of building and we're the 2nd balcony

View from Balcony to Park

Another view

Living Room with cove ceilings

Entrance hallway
Dining Room 
Ok gonna attached a couple of photos of the apartment then it's off to actually clean house and start packing again. 

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