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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Funny thing happened on the way to the bathroom

For those of us of a certain age, we know that getting up several times a night to go potty is not unusual.  The key is to never, ever open your eyes because you don't want to actually be awake. Those of us that share bathrooms with the male species know that sometimes a wet bottom is to be expected and he'll catch heck about it the next morning.  But this week we have been battling flu and me the bladder infection which have resulted in a lot more bathroom trips than normal in the wee hours....yes pun intended!  I stumbled out of bed Sunday and headed to the potty only to run slap dab, head on into the closed bedroom door! What the hell! Why is the door closed?  Mark immediately wakes up and shouts "What's  wrong? What just happened?" and other misc things. Now, I'm still trying very hard to Not Wake Up and remember I was dying because I was so sick....All I could do was cry and keep repeating " We don't close doors in our house" seriously I must have said it three or four times while struggling to open the door. By the time I got back in bed, Mark was laughing his ass off  and the lights were on so we just called it a night and put the coffee on.  So my advic is next time nature calls in the middle of the night ladies, please make sure the door is open before you try to walk thru it.  Mark is still chuckling about it but I fail to see the humor since I now have a bruised toe  in addition to everything else!

More illness related stories to follow as we're freaking hilarious when we're sick. It's kinda a who's on   first type of humor

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  1. OUCH!!!
    I hope your feeling better by now. I have not run into a door but have kicked something on the way which woke me up.
    Happy Fall


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