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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just the funnies and latest adventures

I told y'all last time that we have been battling the flu but we've finally turned the corner and beat that bugger.  I swear it's been a beast and just when we thought we were done with it, one of us would relapse.  Mark is back in the states this week so I have taken advantage of that and scoured the entire place down so take that germs!  If it didn't run when I walked towards it (aka Clarice) then it got bleached and Mr Clean doused. 

And along those lines I mentioned that we had a few laughs during our illness and promised to share, so here ya go.
We were drinking lots of fluids and have a limited number of cups and glasses so I suggested that we use the only 3 plastic colored cups we have to keep from getting a fresh glass every time.  I told him that you're green and mine is blue.  Seems easy enough except for the 100Million questions every time we went into the kitchen to get a drink.

Him: Honey, is my cup blue or green?
Me: Yours is green...no wait, blue...nope, yours is green
Him:  Are you sure?
Me:  Yep, yours is green
Me: But wait we always give you blue since it matches your eyes and you look so good in blue.  Yep, your cup is blue
Him:  I really thought mine was green
Me: You're right yours is green because the blue cup was dirty when I gave you the first drink.

This went on and on with us for a couple of days from both of us until Mark finally said "Can I switch to the red cup so we can be sure who's is who's"  OMG! That would have been too freaking simple and never occurred to me.

So fast foward to later that week when we started feeling better and I was starting to banish those germs.  I'll throw away the old toothbrushes and here's our new ones.  You guessed it they were green and blue!

Him: So my toothbrush is green?
Me: Nope, yours is blue and mine is green
Him: Ok, got it

And just close your eyes and imagine later that same day....I'm in the bathroom and want to brush my teeth.

Me: So is mine blue or green?
Him:  Yours is green, no blue, no green....I can't remember
Me: Well I'm using green
Him: Ok then I'll use blue

And the blue/green battle is still being waged at our house.  I'm sure if Clarice could talk she'd have yelled  "Listen here old people, Dad's toothbrush is blue and Mom's is green!  And I don't ever, ever want to have to listen to you debate it again"

Now I went to my favorite antik store this week since Mark's out of the country and I have to entertain myself.  LOL!  I was so good and only bought a couple of vintage frames for my stitching so without futher a do here they are: Elizabth Jane by BBD and this frame is just perfect.  It's silver and chippy and just really set off this delicate jewel.
Pumpkin Farm by BBD and done for my momma.  I like this frame because it's very thin and ore rustic looking and it fits perfectly into my fall display in the entrance hall
Not a vintage frame but a new one that fits Seaside Retreat rather well.  I'd like to distress this frame to look more like driftwood but don't have the paints over here yet to do that.
Here's the living room wall that I've started with my stitching
Well Mark will be home Saturday so I'm off to a little more retail therapy today so hope everyone has a great day and that I've given you a new insight to the crazy minds within the Harris' household.

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