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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's snowing in Atlanta!

I just have to chuckle whenever there is any kind of winter weather predicted for the southern states because everyone just panics.  They were cancelling schools last night before even the first snowflake fell.  Those that didn't all out cancel school for Tuesday/Wednesday, they were announcing the schools would release at noon.  The grocery stores were wiped out of milk, bread, ect.... and the gas stations had lines a mile long.  Silly people just don't seem to realize that snow usually only lasts 24 hours at the most around these parts.  The tv has had "winter storm" coverage on all day long with nothing else being shown.  Too funny!

Mark has returned from his travels to Germany and is in TN this week.  Clarice and I had to stay home because we had a couple of stress cracks in the drywall that have gotten worse this winter.  On Sunday Mark decided to fix them by patching the Sheetrock, mudding it again and painting in 2 guest rooms and bath.  It ended up being a much larger job than he imagined and then the paint didn't match....go figure.  Anyhoo, I stayed home to repaint the rooms and between the taping, priming and painting I'm worn out.  I swear it takes a million trips up and down the ladder and my thighs, shoulders and neck are sore enough to confirm that.  But hey I'm Wonder Woman so it's all done and cleaned up so bring on the real estate showings.  I was so afraid that we'd get a request to show the house so I hustled my buns. 

I have been busy crafting all kinds of stuff but they are all for swaps so no pics yet.  Well actually no pics at all unless they post them because I forgot to snap any until I had them all packed up.  I hope everyone will like what I sent because I really enjoyed putting it all together .

I went on a blog hop this weekend that Vicki at 2 Bags Full hosted.  I just kinda stumbled into it and found some new amazing talented people that I'm now following.  The blogging community is just so welcoming, inspiring and the friendships travel with you no matter where you go which is important when you move as much as we have. 

Ok that's all for now because I'm gonna settle in for a long winter's nap after a cup of tea and warm oatmeal cookies fresh from the oven.  Hope you guys are all snuggled in and safe this winter evening.


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm also in the Atlanta area and am enjoying (not) this weather. I'm now following your blog and will visit often!

  2. Hi Donna, wow!!! Snow in Atlanta, I was going to mail you some, we have waaaay to much :) enjoy the tea and cookies, yummy, Blessings Francine.

  3. Being from Minnesota I think it funny how the south reacts to "winter weather" My Uncle lives in Alabama and he told some people at church that we were having a windchill of between 40 and 50 below and they asked him what kind of houses we had...LOL He should have said igloos.
    Rest up and I for one am excited to see my swap pretties! I will definitely take pictures!
    Be blessed,

  4. The news has always loved to hype up the weather, haven't they?
    The bitter, bitter cold should leave us today.
    Good for you and Mark getting the cracks all fixed up!

  5. Snowed and down to 4* in Powell. Knox county didn't call off school and had lots of issues, even though they dismissed early, buses couldn't make it. what a mess. I am snuggled in/


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