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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'm gonna miss Atlanta estate sales!

I swear I keep telling myself, I will not go, I will not go but then an email shows up with this amazing sale and I just have to go!  Just see what I'm talking about:

I mean how can you miss a sale that features true, wonderful antiques like this?  And the house was amazing as well even though it was built 1980's but this couple knew how to make it feel 100 years old.  The house has sold and is closing next week so the estate sale people have to be out of there by Saturday at noon so they were wheeling and dealing.  Just my kinda sale so 25% off even though it was only 2nd day and bundling got better deals so I saved $95.  This couple painted historic colors, had gorgeous wide hardwood floors on all 3 levels and it was a collectors dream.  I spent over an hour there just making sure I didn't miss anything and I'm already wishing I'd bought a couple of things that I left behind.  Isn't that always the case?  My momma and I used to do the craft fairs every year when I lived in AR and we had a rule that if you touch it 3 times then you'd better be taking it home 'cause you'll just regret if you don't.  Plus we never wanted to double back too many times because we have no sense of direction.  LOL!

Anyhoo, I touched this basket 3 times so it had to be mine! I don't take the best pics with my phone but this basket is huge! 
So here's the total haul and I'm still doing the happy dance!  Of course there's a pewter baby cup to add to my ever growing collection and I'm gonna have to buy a cabinet to display them on if I keep this up.  The pipe box is a reproduction but it included 2 clay pipes and was only$7 so it came home with me. 

My favorite find!  It's rusty and worn just like me so you know I had to get that.

 There are 5 pewter charger plates by Towle and they were $40 total which was a major steal.  The thimbles were lined up on a windowsill forgotten in the attic space so I put them all in that little box and she sold them to me for $3.  The ironstone plate doesn't show up too well but it's so creamy and was in the bathroom with those pincushions on it which the owner of the house made. 
I'd love, love to go back on Friday/Saturday when they start slashing prices even more but my budget just can't handle the temptation!


  1. Oh my Girlfriend, you done good!!!!!! I am doing the happy dance with you. Love the lantern, rusty sweet and the yellow ware bowl, wonderful buys. I want to go back with you, so many goodies, Hugs Francine.

  2. Well, you certainly sound like you have a good time Donna! You picked up some awesome goodies from that estate sale, you lucky girl! I loved reading about how you and your mom used to go to craft shows together, and what your husband said about your collecting - so funny! Thanks for following my blog so I could follow you here, Cindy from TheCranesNest.com

  3. Oh I so love all your finds. Those pewter charger plates alone would have made my day. I look for pewter here all the time and never find any. With purchases like these I could not stop shopping estate sales. Maybe more for the weekend???? Have a great day

  4. Oh my goodness you sure did score big. I LOVE everything you bought. The lantern and the yellow ware bowl oh my!
    Also the pewter...wooohooo, and the basket. I have been looking for that kind of basket for a while and you got one, lucky gal.


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