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Monday, February 24, 2014

We have a giveaway winner

I'm thrilled that several of my wonderful followers signed up for my 4 year anniversary and now to announce the winner.  I had to really bribe Clarice a lot to get her to pick my winner but she finally got ahold of a treat and just one name......Nancy M.  So Nancy I need to get your snail mail address so I can get a package out to you.  We will be heading back to Atlanta on Friday so it'll go out Saturday if all goes according to plan.  I've been collecting things at both houses and stitching up a little extra special treat.

We drove around a little this weekend just looking at some areas that we might be interested in living when we finally sell our home.  I had found several that I just wanted Mark to drive by and look at but he nixed the first 2 right away.  Well that kinda deflated me but I understand what his objections were and they were valid so off to show him a 3rd which he really liked.  Now we just need to get the other sold!  Prayers are needed because we had a 2nd viewing this weekend from a couple moving to the area that love the house hands down over everything else they've seen but they are worried about his commute to work.  Well I can't change that for them but if they love the house as much as the realtor says then they may decide to buy if after all.  I understand commuting isn't fun and we did it when we lived in Indy by splitting the drive from both of our jobs at opposite sides of the city.  We bought right in the middle so we each had 30 to 45 minutes and it could be a bear at times.  I just want to move on with our lives and at least have one thing behind us.   Doesn't mean that we're gonna jump into buying something but we could at least find another apartment that would suit us better than what we are in right now.

I was sorting thru pictures and I don't think I shared these from our vacation in Germany with Donna and Morgan.  We toured a castle and of course, I was drawn to the kitchen, working people's areas.  





  1. I have prayed for your home sale Donna. Neat pictures.

  2. Afternoon Donna, congrats to the lucky winner.......love the kitchen pictures, so many wonderful goodies there.....Warm Blessings Francine.

  3. Hello :-)
    Congratulations to Nancy!! I just love your kitty picking the name out of the bowl, too cute :-)
    I hope your home sells quickly and you are able to settle down again.. I know how all of that goes..
    I love the pictures from your trip!!
    Have a wonderful day!! Hugs~Melissa

  4. I hope your home sells and I know you'll find the perfect next home.

    Hmmmm I missed your giveaway but congrats to your winner.

    Hug Clarice for me.

  5. Congrats to Nancy! I'm so glad you showed those pics again of your tour around the castle! I love visiting places like that too! It looks amazing!

  6. Woo hoo! Thank you Clarice for picking my name! I just sent you an email with my info.



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