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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica

Yes before the vacation I walked around singing that all the time.  This was the best vacation because we did NOTHING!  We stayed at The Royal Plantation which we stayed at 7 years ago and it was everything we remembered it to be.  There are only 70 suites so it's very personal.  It's all inclusive so no worrying about what drinks and food cost and we just relaxed.  You can do as much or as little as you want and we chose the little route for 10 days :)  We were on the beach from 9-4 every day just napping, drinking, swimming and I even did some reading  (yep I read 5 books and started #6 on the last day)  The tv stayed off the entire trip,  limited internet access and cell phone service so we were off the grid and loved it!  You are assigned a butler for your entire stay and given a cell phone to call them 24 hrs a day so they can fulfill your every wish but we felt like that was too much pressure so we left the phone in the room the entire time.  The only request we had the entire trip was get mint for mojitos at the bars.  Come on, we're in Jamaica so we must drink rum based drinks and mojitos are refreshing in the heat.  Our butler, Chase was just surprised that we really preferred to just be left alone and no requests or demands.....I guess some people abuse them and the services but we truly just wanted to not be followed around or even interaction except making us dinner reservations.  It was heavenly and Mark finally just relaxed.  I hated to leave but I sure was missing Clarice a lot and I knew she missed me so I was ready to get home to her.

The most interaction we had was with the peacocks which begged for treats at breakfast and lunch.  You had to be careful because they'd steal your french fries off your plate if you weren't paying attention.



  1. Wow, what an amazing place. Glad you were able to relax. xo Laura

  2. Sounds like pure bliss. Lucky you girlfriend! Hugs! Amy

  3. Waaaaaaaay cool Donna. Hey, if you can spend all day at the beach, I guess I can too. I thought that now that I had a melanoma I couldn't do trips like that anymore. Thanks.

  4. Beautiful Donna, such a great place.thanks for sharing, Francine.

  5. Beautiful beautiful! Gorgeous water. I could not have lived with the peacocks though. They scare me.lol SOme down the road holler all evening!


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