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Sunday, August 17, 2014

We interupt this summer for the FLU

Dang it all but Mark and I have confirmed as #3 & 4 Flu B.  The flu vaccine isn't even available in our area yet but they reported 5 peds cases and 4 adult cases so far.  Have you ever had the flu test done? I swear the nurse ran that swab up into my brain and even after 24 hours I can still feel it. We're on tamiflu so hopefully it'll help end our misery soon. Right now we're surviving on red Popsicles, Wendy's Frosties and cup of soup and doing a lot of sleeping.  Dang!


  1. Ugh! The flu is bad enough but it seems worse in the summer. Feel better soon

  2. Oh, you poor dears! No, I've never had a flu test done but it doesn't sound too nice. Surely the meds will have you back on your feet in no time!

    Its been a while since my last visit and it appears you've had a great summer, traveling near and far! I live near DC now but can't fathom going there on the 4th, but I did that the year I moved to Richmond - 1980 - right after my husband and I married. Such fun!

    Well, get better soon and I'll try not to be so long in visiting next time! Your blog is delightful - I love your sense of humor!

    Cindy from TheCranesNest.com

  3. I don't have flu, but bronchitis! Hope you are both better soon, I am getting that way, I think.

  4. Aww, sorry to hear that. I hope you both get lots and lots of rest and get well real quick.♥

  5. Aww, sure sounds like you're miserable. Praying you both have a quick recovery!

  6. Hope you are feeling better!

  7. sorry you're sick. get better soon.


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