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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hey y'all

I took some much needed time off from every day life and went to spend some time with family in Arkansas.   My Momma had hurt her knee so she was struggling with just every day life tasks, Daddy was dealing with his new infusions for his autoimmune issues and helping Momma, it was quickly approaching the 1 yr anniversary of us losing my FIL  and  finally, it was Zared and Athena's 1st anniversary along with Josi graduating from HS so her senior trip was planned.  In other words, I needed to go home to just be with my family not to mention that I desperately needed a Zeva fix!!!!! 

Momma's knee continues to plague her and the dr said the words she hated to hear "At your age , we can do a total knee replacement or maybe give you shots to see if you get any relief".  Now he could have gone on and on and on without saying "At your age" but oh no, he had to go there.  Anyway he said she's got a torn meniscus and deep arthritis in the joint so she started shot last week but not getting much relief yet.  Daddy's had a bad sinus infection for a few weeks now but good news it's his first one this year.  His infusions are going well but it is quite an ordeal on the infusion day...the needle/medicine are put into his abdomen and diffuse themselves into his body over time.  He said it's not painful but it takes a couple of hours of him sitting at the dining room table plus a couple of days for the medicine to move around.  He's sore and a little cranky for a couple of days afterwards but he said it's getting better with each infusion.  The bad news is that he'll have to take these guys for the rest of his life at a cost of $15,000 per treatment but thank goodness he has insurance to help with the cost. 

Zared and Athena went away for a romantic weekend in Hot Springs and I got to keep Zeva.  My folks keep her during the week while they are at work so along with the overnights I got to spend lots of quality time with my little Zeva Diva.  She learned to crawl, pull up and cruise along with lots of new sounds/faces while I was there.  I just adore this little one so much that  every minute was just a joy for me....even those minutes where we were having sleeping issues.  It's a good thing I don't live closer or I'd be broke not to mention that Z&A would never see their baby.  We learned a new song while I was there "Call me anytime of day,  Call me when you want to play"  which I can't stop singing even after being home a couple of weeks.

I also managed to not get any real stitching done while I was there but I did finish
Autumn Silhouette by BBD

And Spring Fling also by BBD

I have picked my new project but have only put 3 stitches in it so you'll have to wait to see a progress pic until later.

I'll post again later this week about our family trip to Florida to celebrate the last kiddo's HS graduation and how bittersweet this moment is for all of us.  Josi has grown into such an amazing lady and I'm so very proud to be her Auntie!
Josi with Ninny and Pappy

Josi with her very proud Daddy aka my brother John

Josi with Athena, Zeva and Rachel so all my Gay Girls together....love, love, love these gals


  1. The baby is precious!Your niece is gorgeous. I love your two samplers Donna.

  2. What a little sweetie that Zeva is!! No wonder you didn't get much stitching done, how could you put her down?

  3. Zeva is adorable. Congratulations on your finishes!

  4. Love that smiling little Zeva. All the girls are beautiful! Glad you had such a nice visit.


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