Welcome to my little world! My name is Donna and I'm the mother of one very spoiled kitty named Clarice. I was a banker for over 20 years but now I'm a SAHM and loving every minute of it. I'm a super, huge Bon Jovi fan and an avid cross stitcher. I love decorating my home with flea market finds, primitive style items and vintage items. My hubby says if the last three generations threw it out as trash it'll end up in our house as a decoration.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Collections part 2

So back in April I started talking about some of my collections and how they started in some cases.  I decided yesterday to tour my home and see what other collections I have that I never even noticed had been become collections.
                                                     Ironstone and bottles

This was an instantly made collection when I got all these bottles at Good Will for $8


Crewel pillow with birds and house

Back porch

Front porch

BBD Their Song in antique frame

Love this crow on a old bed post knob and just grubby

Love, love this bird

Birds of a Feather Alphabet Sampler

Old Crow by La D Da

Whisk Brooms
Wedding cake toppers and I acquired a couple more last week

Stieff Bears

So now tell me what you have in your home that you didn't even realize had turned into a collection.
Happy 4th and stay safe during all the celebrations.


  1. Happy Fourth Donna!!!! Love to see your collections,you really have some great ones but those whisk brooms stole my heart. Hugs Francine.

  2. Neat! Happy Fourth Donna! I know what collection I have. ;) I think you know too!!

  3. Love your collections. So many are things I collect too..smile...~♥Amy


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