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Monday, June 27, 2016

Latest happenings at the Harris'

Last weekend I attended an estate sale that was just great.  I didn't go until the 2nd day which totally worked in my favor because it was 1/2 off day which is my favorite day!  This collector had a lot of crocks, quilts and lots of just cool items but since it was the 2nd day a lot of things were gone already like all the crocks, quilts and most furniture which was fine because I didn't need any of those things.  Notice I said "need" not "want" because I always want those things but look at what I did score:

Little cast iron sheep $4

Perfect condition coverlet in pumpkin gold $45

Well loved coverlet in taupe gold color $10

Bonnet needle keeper $1
Isn't it cute?

beautiful cross stitched pillow cover and the stitching is AMAZING for $4.  I plan on using it at the holidays because it reminds me of poinsettia flowers

Small piece of coverlet to use on a tabletop, dresser or in a bowl

And so much more sewing items like huge bags of lace, trim and buttons for $1, Shiny Brite box of ornaments for $1.50, wooden German bread plate for $2 and a couple of ironstone pieces.  I was so happy I dropped by it and now I just have to find homes for my newest treasures.

Also since we've had issues with bears knocking our trash cans over and down the mountain, we decided to build a Bear Proof Trash Containment System.  Well actually Mark built it while I was gone so all I had to do was help putting the finishing touches on it.  Lucky for me I found the cute PA Dutch sign at the estate sale for $1 and I knew it'd be a great addition.  I spent 2 days painting this huge monster but I think it was well worth the time.
 Top lifts up for daily use to access the cans and the door opens for them to be removed.  I finally finished painting the inside of it this afternoon and was so happy until I realized the dang clerk at Home Depot mixed interior flat paint not exterior paint like it should have been.  I have to go back in the morning to make the exchange with them and I guess paint it again this weekend.  I could have strangled her so it was best that I was just too tired to go argue with them. 


  1. Score! Fantastic coverlets and those sheep are a real treasure.

  2. Love the colors of the coverlets.

  3. What wonderful things you found especially the coverlets! I hope the bears stay out of your garbage cans now.

  4. You do seem to have a knack for finding great things at flea mkts and estate sales and use them quite cleverly. Also where are you in Asheville, I am moving permanently to Flat Rock/Hendersonville area. Already have a condo there now buying a house!

  5. Jackpot!!!!!! Love the iron sheep and coverlet!!!! Hugs Francine.


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