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Monday, September 12, 2016

Estate sale goodies

"Oops!.... I did it again "   I'm not a Britney Spears fan but that's what popped into my head as I drove over 3 hours to Durham to attend a great primitive estate sale!  Gosh I really wish I could have met the collector because she had such great taste and her pieces were just gorgeous but sadly she passed away at a very young age (59).  I did meet one of her friends who said she was an amazing woman and everyone that ever met her loved her.  I hope people say nice things like that about me when I'm gone or at least love my collections half as much as I did.  Seriously I spent 2 hours at her home just wandering around petting all her lovely things and managed to pick up some wonderful things. 

Just look at this egg storage cabinet.  Now I love all things chicken as you know so there was no way this wasn't coming home with me.

Drying rack which will hold my coverlets beautifully

 This sweet cutlery carrier which isn't an antique but a very well made reproduction will house our dinner napkins for now.
And how could I leave without these coverlets.  I swear these need to be my last ones in my collections as I have more than enough but......well we all know how hard it is to stop so I can't promise anything.  I did leave 2 others there but they were sold by the time I left. 

This is my first signed one and I swear I was swooning when I saw it.  It's been reinforced to help stabilize but that appears to have happened quite some time ago.

It was well worth the drive and here's a peek at what didn't come home with me.  Told ya she had a great eye and had quality pieces.....sigh.  But I'm very happy with my purchases and enjoyed my time chatting with the estate sale team and fellow collectors. 



  1. Was it listed on estate sale .net?
    I can see why you spent 2 hours. Your treasure are wonderfful!!!!! I hit an estate sale like that last week and there was so much they moved it to a warehouse.

  2. The coverlet is beautiful! I wondered if you live in NC since you mentioned Durham. I live outside of Greenville. Going to look at estate sale websites! I had forgot all about them during this time of learning to quilt. Still love cross stitching!

  3. WOW! That was some sale. Sure worth the drive.
    What a unique cupboard. And that rack to hold your coverlets. And that coverlet!!! I could have done some serious damage to the wallet!
    Hugs :)

  4. If I drive more than 25 minutes from my house, I get lost. Depending on which way I turn, that could even be 10. 59 is way too young to leave. She had very nice things.

  5. Oh my Girlfriend, you did great!!!!! Love your goodies, was worth the drive indeed. I love those old round breadboards so, need them.Hugs Francine.

  6. Visiting your blog as my friend, Mildred, recommended I drop by. I love your style and I am a cross stitcher as well. Prairie Schooler is my drug of choice.:)


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