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Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Days-Very Picture Heavy

You know each day has something to be grateful for and I'm determined to find it everyday!  I'm so tired of being a negative nellie about work stress, minor health issues, job challanges for Mark, ect.....I have to be positive because that's just who I am!!!!!  So getting back to being "me" starts tonight!

First of all, I grieve for all the lost and shattered lives in Joplin right now which is a hop, skip and a jump from "home".  Looking at the pictures of such utter devastation is just heart wrenching and knowing the area makes it even harder to grasp.  All those families shattered and yet the story of the survivors are amazing rejoicing events.  Life changes in an instantance!

I did manage to hit 2 amazing estate sales 2 weekends ago and was able to snag some amazing deals.  I know, I know that I'm suppose to be saving all my cash for vacation in France next month but I just couldn't resist these sales and boy, oh boy am I happy that I didn't.  I got Mark a banker's wooden desk chair for his office and he had just told 2 weeks ago that he'd like to have one.  Score and for only $30

Now I just need to clean it up and get some casters that are more wood floor friendly before we move it into the house.

Also at that same sale, I got 2 glass battery jars, a couple of old yardsticks that I have a special project planned for, a rusty candle mold, a couple of bisquit cutters a great old strainer that I'm gonna make into a shoo fly screen and some misc smalls.

Next it was off to the races to make it some 30 minutes away before the next prizes were sold. I told myself all the way there that I was too late to get what I wanted so don't be too disappointed. I mean it was afternoon and what I wanted is a sought after collectible so chances of them still being there were slim to none. Guess what? Slim to none worked in my favor. I started my coverlet collection with these 3 beauties and I was thrilled!  One of  the ladies running the sale had set them aside because she was interested in buying them but the minute I asked about them, she handed them over to me and even discounted the price because I wanted all 3 of them.  I love her!

Isn't this plate just adorable for summer?   I just couldn't resist it especailly at the price of $1

I also got these great little linens made locally in Georgia, small basket, wonderful trencher, fall felted pillow, jars and broom all at this sale. 

Ok so you're thinking well her weekend can't get much better right?  WRONG!  I still had the Bon Jovi concert to attend the next evening and did I mention, I was 4th row!  I was close enough to see the sweat dripping off Jon's very toned arms but alas he doesn't do much for me.....now Maria's a different story where that boy is concerned.  We were on the aisle right in front of jon and david....oh so close!  And we talked to the security guard before the show and made friends so he let me dance all nite long right in that very same aisle.  I was jumping, screaming and dancing with David and Jon all night long.  It's something I'll never forget and I was thrilled to be sharing that special nite with Maria.  I know I must have grinned like an idiot all thru the show but hey everyone knew I was having a great time!  Just wish that Caroline and Carla could have been up there with us but maybe next tour.  This is how close we were

Finally I took place in my very first swap in Primitive Blogland and what a delightful experience it was.  I have always felt it would be too hard to do because everyone always lists all these rules about posting links, mentioning on your blog, getting so many followers and I don't know how to do any of that so I just didn't enter any.  Imagine my surprise when Tricia from Hillcrest Home Prims asked me if I'd like to take part in one she was putting together.  I answered a resounding "Yep, count me in" so she sent me my swap partner's info and what a fun time I had making her package up.  I mailed it off in record time which is not my norm since I tend to well, put things off is a polite way of saying it but she got hers lickty split and I'm hoping she liked everything.  My partner was Judy at Prim2Pink and what all sent me was just too cute.  You can tell that she put a lot of special thought into her perfect summertime swap gifts. I love everything and still ohing and awing over everything.  Take a peek at what she sent me.  I think she may have even hand drawn the rose card.  So pretty! I just love it all and can't wait to do another swap now.

Isn't this make do jar lid pin cushion just too adorable?  And she filled it with strawberries, floss buttons, ect.   That butterfly has a body made from a rusty safety pin and all those felted flowers are just so cute.  This little guy is headed upstairs to the sewing machine display in the hallway.

And take a look at this little pin tuck of the ant on the watermelon.  He's perfect on the table in the living room

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