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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thurdsday's good thoughts and musings

Good thought for today, I forget to say that I got a set list from the concert handed to me by one of the tour managers. Wahoo! See dancing with Jon and David leads to great things so now when can I do it again?

Mark and I are leaving June 8th for a couple of weeks of working vacation for him but sheer enjoyment for me. Sometimes, I love his job because this time we're headed to Germany and then Paris. I'm so excited and bought a couple of cool books about all the flea markets in Paris that I want to shop at. There's no way I can even see half of them but hey, a girl can dream can't she? I love when his business trips work out so we get a fabulous vacation but do hate that he'll be working for some of the time. I plan on just wandering around when he's in meetings and exploring everything but I won't be driving. No speedy driving for this little chickie. I can barely drive here in the states much less somewhere I don't understand the language or signs.

Took Hubert to the vet for his yearly exam this afternoon and I'm afraid to say he's been labeled a Bad Kitty at this one too. He bit the vet which shocked the crap out of me. I've never seen him be that aggressive.....ever! he laying in the hallway now just growling at Clarice and glaring at me. He's so not a happy camper right now and all she did was give him 3 shots and send us packing. I was trying to schedule an appointment for him to get his lion cut for the summer but she told me to call back later. They just wanted him out the door. Guess I may have to go back to the original vet we used when we first moved here even if I don't like him or his staff.   Any vet that says put that kitten down because she has ringworm and it's just going to be an unhealthy cat it's whole life, should be whipped!   If I'd listened to him then I've have missed out on Clarice and what a shame that would have been.  She's mommy's little girl and never had any real health issues once we cured the ringworm.  On second thought maybe I'll just keep trying other vets to find someone that Hubert likes because I'm not taking any of my precious babies back to that quack.

Well better head back to work because my "lunch hour" is over and I should try to earn a little of my pay today.  LOL

Happy Thursday to everyone!

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  1. How cool that you get to go to Germany and Paris!! That is so awesome. Wish I could come with. :)

    Good luck with finding a better vet. You definitely need to find one you and your pet are both happy with.



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