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Monday, May 2, 2011

No great treasures to report

I'm down with bronchitis which seems to hit me a couple of times a year most usually in the spring in fall and this year is no different.  I started coughing on Tuesday and was down in the dr's office by Thursday.  I spent 4 long days in the bed and just got up today in time for work.  I managed to put in a full day but I'm feeling it now.  The really good news is my new A Primitive Place mag came today in the mail so I'll have something to do tonight.  I was so sick that even trying to read or stitch was too much of an effort but I'm a royal wedding watcher expert!  I hated that it was on every station all freakin day long Friday because as my niece said "Look they are 2 people in love getting married so what's the big deal"?  Rachel is just very practical in some ways.....love that child!

Poor Mark is suffering from food poisoning which it seems I gave him last week.  I made spaghetti sauce for him on Wednesday but since I was feeling bad, I didn't eat any of it.  Thank goodness 'cause he's still struggling with it.  He asked me if the meat was ok and I said I thought it was but how would I know since I can't freakin smell anything.  To which he now thinks I poisoned him on purpose....yea right....think I want a whiny man hanging around telling me how sick he is while I'm really sick.  I don't think so but I do think it was the sauce that made him sick and I do feel bad about that.  I wasn't trying to poison him yet....I was saving that for the day I run off with the band on tour.  LOL!

Speaking of band, have I mentioned that it's only 12 days until I'm front of my man again?  Wahoo!  4th Freakin Row and I can't stand it!!!!!!!  All I gotta say is I'd better be over this crap by then.

Well off to read my new mag and maybe try to talk Mark into eating a little something tonight for dinner. 

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