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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Anyone speak German?

Me either but starting to look like that will be changing very soon! I'm so excited about embarking on this adventure with Mark but not foolish enough to think it's gonna be an easy change. We're headed over next Saturday for me to look around and find us somewhere to live. As mark told the realty lady, this is my chance to live in a old home! Yippee! Things are very different over there and when they list a place as "unfurnished" they mean without even kitchen cabinets, sink, ect.... Omg! Things have started moving quickly now and I've even been packing stuff up already. I have been doing a lot of online research aka scoping out people's blogs and there are a lot of ExPats in the area that we're targeting to live. I've started a notebook of things to pack, things to find out before we move and things to do at the last minute. This is the only way I can sleep at night because once I write it down in the notebook, I can stop obsessing about it. This notebook is never far away from me because I'm constantly thinking of stuff to add. Anyone else have a method that works for them? And of course, clarice will be moving with us but we are struggling with how we are going to move the boys. Hubert and Gizmo are 10 year old, have lived in 3 states in their lifetime but are very much independent outside kitties. Giz just goes bonkers if you try to bring him in the house without leaving an outside door open for him to escape thru. That probably stems from being cooped up in temporary housing and boarded for 6 weeks when we moved to Atlanta but I really worry about him adapting to another move. We've decided to leave our home as is for now because let's face it, we're seriously upside down like 99% of everyone living in the Atlanta area. We may have to ask Donna and Morgan look after Giz and Hubert until we make a trip home in the fall. That's such a huge favor to ask our neighbors but I know they will take care of my babies as well as I would. We are so lucky to have such amazing friends living right next door to us. I will miss them so much but they swear they will come visit us and I know they will. I have been doing some major stash building to get prepared for the move. A gal must have everything she could possibly imagine stitching and any excuse to build stash is a good excuse. LOL! I made a trip to Terri's store, The Stitch Store today and got the newest Blackbird Design's Loose Feathers release Mary Ann Blackburn along with a few more must have patterns. I just get lost wandering around her store but was sorry I missed Joey today ' cause he didn't go to work with her today. I have never been without a job since I got my very first job at Long John Silvers when I was 16 and let's just say that was a long, long time ago. I plan on stitching a lot, not to mention taking German lessons and exploring my new surroundings. Also Mark's company is going to give me a decorating budget so I will be buying everything from dishes, linens, furniture, ect and when we move back to the states they will keep everything to furnish a company apartment. How fun is this going to be? We're not moving anything wih us except a few boxes so I'll have free rein to make this apartment anything I want. We're already planning that whatever antiques I purchase will be "ours" to ship home when we head back to the states in 24 to 36 months. Wahoo! See why I'm excited now? Well Happy Easter everyone and I'll let you know how things are progressing again after next week. Donna

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  1. What an adventure!!! You young folks DO beat all.

    And a whole 'nother language and cuisine and all the new friends you'll meet---not to mention some of the most interesting, beautiful sightseeing within EASY travel distance, even on a weekend.

    Though I've never even been into the store, we're looking into some of the Ikea free-standing kitchen items for the small kitchen downstairs---had some seeps in the basement, which damaged just the footings of the pretty wood lower cabinets, warping some of the bottom shelves. Would that be something to see about for your new kitchen?

    Happy packing, and I've been a lifelong note-booker, and now, if I'm downstairs, I just step over and open WORD and dash down whatever I don't want to forget.

    Godspeed and a safe journey,



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