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Monday, April 23, 2012

A week later and still no apartment

I swear I have typed this message like 3 or 4 times now.  Can I just say that I now hate the new blogger?  It's driving me crazy and I do mean crazy.

Well after a week in Germany we still don't have a place to live.  I knew things would be handled differently over there but had no idea just how different.  For instance to view an apartment for rent, your "realtor" must be there, yourself (of course) the listing realtor, the landlord and if currently rented the occupant....can you see just how hard it can be to get all these schedules to line up correctly?  And my realtor is in her 70's and doesn't believe in GPS, Google directions or I swear even using a map....every wrong turn is just a "new way" or adventure...OMG!  I thought I would strangle her by the end of day 4 when I had only seen 4 apartments all week long.  We were so late to a couple of the appointments that we couldn't see them!  I'm going bonkers and we still don't have a place to live.  At this poiint, we're thinking just set a move date and go over, stay in a hotel while I find us a suitable apartment.  That may truly be the only way because apartments are gone within a day of being listed in the areas that we liked so that means there is no way to rent stateside because you can't ask them to hold it until you can fly back to Germany. 

I'll post more about my adventuress later tonight hopefully when blogger is working better for me.  Besides I'm on my lunch hour and need to get back to work now.  Yes we flew back yesterday about 4PM and went to work today.  We're crazy!

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  1. You are for sure full of energy and it will all work out.
    Blogger can be very frustrating at times.
    have a good night.


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