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Monday, July 2, 2012

Guilty pleasures

I have to admit I have quite a few but since I'm not currently working outside the home (trust me I work a lot inside the home) I have discovered truly mindless tv. I'm addicted to Bait Car and if you haven't seen it before you should check it out. It shows just how stupid people are and why some really shouldn't be allowed to reproduce! OMG, just how dumb can people be....a lot of these crooks actually say I watch Bait Car on tv! Idiots!!!!! And they film a lot in Atlanta which doesn't surprise me at all.

Mark and I took Clarice to the vet yesterday for her rabies shot again this year. It seems that if animal gets shots before they are microchipped they have to be shot again in order to travel to Germany. Poor little girl was a Devil to the vet and her assistances. Thank goodness Mark was there this time so he could witness it himself. I've been telling him that she acted like that but he thought I was stretching the truth but now he knows the truth. It's embrassing to see her act that way and it breaks my heart that they have to manhandle her. So they are going to fill out all the required paperwork this week and then she'll be all ready to travel.  She's has to have her shot at least 22 days before we arrive in Germany and we get there on July 23rd so I just squeezed it in under the wire. 

Now onto the saga of Hubert and Gizmo and our move.  The boys are 12 years old, outside cats and really don't like to be kept inside....they'll come in to eat then they cry and howl like mad until you let them back outside.  They have in previous moves been forced to live in apartments and even a furry friends resort and spa but they sure weren't happy guys.  And just so you know the resort and spa cost more per month than our hotel....the things we do for our children.  Anyway, after much debate we agreed that the best thing for the boys was to leave them in the states and after much more debate we asked Mark's folks to grandcat sit for us in Arkansas.  They live out of town with lots of places to explore, Jack loves cats and it'll give Kay something to love on because since they lost thier little yorkie, Samatha they need a furry friend.  I predict that the boys won't even remember us when we go visit at Christmas.  Now we just have to figure out how we get them there in the next 20 days!

And we spent the entire day yesterday and I do mean all day designing the kitchen so Ikea can quote it and get us on the delivery schedule.  They have a great website and if I could have used the US one it wouldn't have taken so long but I had to use the German one.   Have I mentioned that I don't speak German?  So I had the kitchen planner on both sites up and going along with both websites and google translate plus a spreadsheet to track everything.  What a freakin nightmare!  We started around 9:30am and I finished it at 11:00pm but still need to double check myself before I send it in today.  I called the Ikea customer service to see if I could order here in the US but have it "delivered" in Germany and that was a big no!  Actually the lady said yes but you have to pay frieght costs to Germany and unless you plan on being buried in it the costs were way too high!!!!  I liked her a lot inspite of her saying No to me.

Ok gang so now we have a date, July 22nd so I'm off to pack some more stuff, double check my kitchen and the countless other million things I need to get done in the next 20 days.  Just keep breathing in and out and reminding myself that we will get thru all this!!!!

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