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Monday, September 10, 2012

Another day, another dollar or euro

Let's see if I can bring y'all up to date since last week.  Hubert was attacked by Ninny's neighbor's pit bull that managed to get thru the privacy fence but he's healing under Ninny's loving touch.  Gizmo has disappeared and not been seen since the dog attack which is troubling to us all but he's very high strung so he's probably sneaking in at night when all is quiet.  Mark loved his desk that I built and hung the light fixture so that was a win/win for us both.  I thought he would but never can be too sure since all things chippy, rusty and crusty don't always appear to be the treasures I think they are to him.  He's off to France until Wednesday then here for a couple of days then off to Atlanta on Saturday.  Wish I was going with him but just not feasible right now.  I have to watch my pennies or euro cents so I can afford that month long trip home for the holidays that we are planning. 

I have been walking Clarice almost daily in the park and we even climbed a tree last week. 
and did a little dirt rolling
No longer a black kitty now just a dusty grey kitty
But all in all a great afternoon just strolling thru the park, getting pets from all the old people, laughs from the younger set but those are really directed more at me, The Crazy Cat Lady than at her.
I finally learned how to watch movies on the computer so after Mark left yesterday I snuggled down for some chick flicks, stitching and nutrious dinner of candy.  Hey a girl's gotta have a vice and right now mine is peanut M&M german style.  Trust me these will melt in your hands  if you hold on to them too long so I never do that just keep popping 'em in my mouth quickly. 
I cleaned house today and it took me all of 3 hours which included mopping all the floors and wiping down the baseboards.  Gee keeping the windows open 24/7 here really causes a lot of dustbunnies and that's not even talking about the dust that Clarice drags back in after her dirt rolling adventures.  This is the part that I hate about not having carpet because you see all the dustbunnies under the furniture and that just will never do!  I admit that I am a neatfreak to a certain point but really walking into the bedroom and seeing those bunnies under the bed sent me over the edge....yucky! So a good scrubbing today, then a great dinner that I fixed for myself and finally a nice bath will just about finish my day off perfectly.  Hope y'all have a great Monday!

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