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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What isn't she gonna re-purpose you ask

While the Mr. Cat is away in Switzerland for meetings, Clarice and I have been playing a lot.  Mark took the train yesterday for Switzerland and was so very kind enough to leave me the car while he is gone.  I needed to do "something" for him and decided finally getting his home office in order was just that something!!!!  Poor guy has been using a cardboard box box (and not even a large one at that) for a desk and sitting in the floor so it was time to get that guy fixed up.  So I went shopping at a couple of the local furniture stores looking at desks and I must say that I was underwhelmed with the selections. He doesn't need much just a work space that he can call his own and oh yea, an overhead light fixture.  We have the room off the bedroom that I had originally thought I'd make into a dining room but let's face it, I ain't gonna be giving any dinner parties while we are here likely.  We have a small table in the kitchen so did we really "need" a dining room.....no!  So after being utterly discouraged with the whole desk selection I came back to the apartment to ponder what I was going to do.  Then a lightbulb moment happened and I thought what if I got some cool white cubes from Ikea to use as a base....then added an old door that could be his desktop or a dining room table if ever needed and I was off and running.  Ok maybe I was off and driving to Ikea but I got the cubes, desk chair, light and other must have office organizational items.  I was up for an all niter dragging this stuff into the apartment and getting is assembled which is huge for me because Mark always does that part for me but I got it done this morning.  I finally discovered that if you don't have the upper body strength to pull and hold something in place while you screw it together that if you turn it and park your fat ass on it that will work to hold it in place.  Don't laugh because it really works.  Then I headed to the lighting store for a chandelier type fixture and to the antik store to find a suitable door.  I know crazy huh?  I did all that work without actually having a door that I could use but hey, it turned out fine.  Have I mentioned that I love this store?  The lady was so excited to see me and after several prices being thrown out there, we finally agreed on one and then I realized that I didn't have enough cash with me.  OMG!!!!!!  She was so wonderful and just told me to bring her the $25 on my next trip.  How great is that lady!!!!!  Then she helped me very, very carefully wedge this huge door into the back of the rental station wagon car.  Don't tell Mark because he will stroke out but it worked out perfectly.  I just had to drive slower so no autobahn for me and I had to move my seats up as close as I could get them to the dash but it worked out fine.  Until I get home and realize that I now have to carry this huge door upstairs by myself.  Ok here's the really crazy part, I did it!  I'm already hurting because I got thrown off balance and stumbled back down the first set of stairs.  Thank goodness there is a pony wall there or I'd have really hurt myself.  I'm just stiff and sore right now but I'm sure I'll have some dandy bruises in the morning.  Oh well, we all must suffer for our art. so now let me show you what I did:
Anyone need a dental cleaning? Oops guess I should have studied the instructions more
That's better and if you look closely you can see his existing desk back behind there with the telephone sitting on it
Clarice approved
And This
Plus This
Make This!!!!!
I decided to leave the hardware on the door because it's just too prim perfect.
Well I'm off now my friends to find me some aspirin and crawl into a warmish bathtub to soak my poor tired old bones.  Mark comes home tomorrow and I think he'll be pleasantly surprised.  The only thing I did not get completed in my makeover was hanging the light fixture because I don't do electrical work.  Long story but getting shocked and knocked off my step stool were enough to show me that I lacked the needed skills to ever wire anything.  Mark thinks it's so freaking funny because I cringe everytime I screw in a new lightbulb even so he will have to hang his own light in the office but that's it.  I'm so proud that I thunk up the idea and everything fell into place just as I had envisioned.


  1. Good deal!!I love what you did and he is going to love it! Soak away all of your aches and pains and feel better soon!

  2. I love seeing all that you have done with your new home and happy that Clarice approves! It is so interesting reading about your new adventures in Germany!


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