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Friday, September 14, 2012


Doesn't mean as much to me now as it did just 4 months ago but it still means another week has ended without tv...again!!!!! I swear if we don't get everything sorted out soon, I'm going to be reduced to one of those "guys" that stands around in the electronic stores watching tv. First, the signal was too weak so we had to wait on a guy to run new wiring, then the actual connectors weren't large enough to split the signal to all the apartments, then it was the TV was bad so we dragged it back to the store to exchange (and it worked fine so no exchange) then finally the signal is too strong for internal tv tuner so we bought an external one. Now the guy is back and he's just not sure what to do. OMG, it'll be another month at this rate before we have tv. It's not that I'll even be able to understand most channels but at least it would be some noise in the background. Since there is no noise, the voices in my head are much louder (lol) Ok so now to what I have learned this week boys and girls. I have learned that Mark can hold his temper even when the electronic guys act like he's an idiot which we all know is the farthest thing from the truth when it comes to anything electronic. They really tested his self control that night.

  I also learned that when you are paying in cash for a meal that you must tell the waitress how much money you want back not leave the tip on the table. I was treated very rudely after I handed her a $50 for a $45 meal and didn't tell her that I didn't want any money back. Tipping is not done here unless you are in a very nice place and it's never done by leaving cash on the table!!!!! How was I to know that? So now I consider myself schooled on that subject and won't be handing out tips any longer to anyone! LOL!

 The last thing I learned this week is that I can and have now walked the 3 miles one way to the "WalMart" type store. Didn't really set out planning to do that but I shopped the local stores for the above referenced tuner and no one carried it. Then I realized I was about half way to the store so I might as well just go there because I knew they had some. It was a pleasant, crisp fall day so I enjoyed my walk over even though I had to cross the on and off ramps to the autobahn twice but coming home was another story. I was still feeling very self-sufficient and kinda smug that Mark would be shocked to know I did this until the rain started. It sprinkled and I thought ok this is no biggie just walk alittle faster and that continued for about the first 2 miles then the bottom fell out. I was soaked all the way up to my knees, my hair was dripping water and fogging up my glasses, my shoes squished with every step but there was nothing I could do except press on. It was quite a comical sight I'm sure because I had not taken a jacket or an umbrella and let's face it, I'm a larger gal so I didn't look like a drowned rat more like a drowned opossum by the time I got home. But hey, live and learn so the next time I'll drop an umbrella into my shopping bag before I leave the house.

Also we finally met one of the couples that live in our building. They stopped by Wednesday evening with a beautiful orchid. I know nothing about taking care of one but learning on line. They are a young couple, have lived here 4 years, she's a middle/high school teacher and he's an engineer. They stayed about an hour and a half while we sipped wine Mark brought back from France and really had a nice visit. They speak english fluently, have visited the US and are really a nice couple. They explained a lot of the workings of trash services (yes all the cardboard is still in the guestroom the neighbors, how the laundry drying room schedule was worked out, where to eat and where not to eat, plus just a lot of great info on things to do and see. I think we'll have them over again even if they are at least 15 years younger than us. He and Mark started speaking "engineer language" and both of us girls just looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders then started laughing. Geek Talk applies in all cultures and needs no translation!

Well the cable guy wants to talk to me so keep your fingers crossed that it means I finally have tv!!!!! Have a great weekend and enjoy the fall weather no matter where you live.


  1. Sorry you are having a ughh time with the TV. I tend to keep one on in our house for the noise also. Great that you meet some neighbors! Now you will have a shopping buddy to help you find more treasures. I hope things will get better for you!

  2. You walked in that area! You are a brave girl!
    Hope TV is going soon!
    enjoy your day!


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