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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday Inspiration

As y'all know my goal is to always do something less expensive than I can buy it for at a store and to re-purpose "old junk" into my new decor.  We needed a coat rack  here in Germany (remember there are no closets) and I wanted something different....I know that's shocking to y'all.  Anyhoo, I found just what I wanted online at Anthropologie but as we know I'd never, ever pay that kind of money for it even if I could get it shipped over here.  I mean come on, who spends $200 for a coat rack?   And I can just hear Mark and Daddy now "You paid how much for that?  And you do know the hooks don't even match?"

So one day I'm looking around my favorite antik shoppe and I see this old bed railing that was turned into a coat rack....not bad and the price was FREE but not quite what I was looking for.  I brought it home and hung it but just wasn't the look I wanted.  The two end hooks were broken off and I only had one different hook so it looked odd.

Fast forward to spring and the antik shops are opening back up so I was on the hunt for mismatched hooks to replace the ones on my rack.  I think I got what I was looking for at a fraction like $200 less than the original.  I'm a happy gal right now.
What do ya think?


  1. I love it. You did a great job.


  2. I think you did a great job.
    Antroplogies is a very fun place to shop but too expensive for me too.

  3. I would definitely say you should be a happy girl. It looks great and who needs Anthropologie.

  4. Lovely coat rack...I like the miss matched hooks and that's what you see everywhere.


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