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Monday, January 30, 2012

Another weekend come and gone along with my hubby!

Mark was off again on Saturday traveling to Germany for meetings.  Today he's moving to Reims, France for meetings tomorrow then off to the Netherlands for more of the same.  He's headed home again on Saturday and I get to keep him a whole week before he's off to Korea again.  Whew, I get tired just looking at his calendar.

So I dropped him off Saturday after a big lunch at PF Changs...my fave and a stop at Barnes and Noble for him to load up on magazines for his trip.  Then I was off to play in Michaels, Homegoods, 3 thrift stores and even Target without buying one blame thing.  I was fighting a headache and really just should have gone home because I wasn't in a browsing frame of mind.  Oh wait, I did buy a coffee at Starbucks inside Target but that was it.  Amazing!

Finally drug my rear end home and off to bed but didn't stay there long.  I couldn't find my headache meds so I started searching the medicine cabinet....bad, very bad.  I had already taken my sleeping pill and I hit the jackpot, mother lode of codeine pain meds given to Mark when he had his throat surgery several, several years ago.  I have no idea exactly how much I took but it was way too much!  My skin was crawling, I was deathly sick, couldn't sleep and dang sure couldn't walk anywhere.  It was bad so as I sobered uo I added "not allowed to take any meds after sleeping pills unless someone is here to administer them to me."  I also poured all that pain medicine down the toilet and flushed it away....I know it's bad for the water supply, fishes, ect but it was even worse leaving it in my home.  I couldn't get out of bed all day yesterday but finally woke up this morning with no headache for the first time in over a week.  I'm making an appointment with the dr tomorrow because we need to do some tweaking of my migraine drugs. 

So now the list of what I can't do after taking pills include:
No cooking-not even tea 'cause I still  have a huge blister on the roof of my mouth from that incident from last winter
No Emails-no filter to stop from saying weird stuff
Also no telephone calls or texting-I think I'm freakin funny and very smart after my pills kick in but not everyone else in my life agrees
No Leaving The House-Bad experience waking up on the front lawn and having no idea how I got there
No Eating-let's just say that bags of hersey kisses go missing when I roam the kitchen
No Stairs-I think I'm very gracful but Clarice and Mark disagree
And finally No Sex-no matter how much I beg, he knows I won't remember it in the morning

The list seems to get longer every night but hey, at least I'm sleeping good.  Some of those Not To Do's on my list might rank up there with TMI but guess what I've already had my pills for tonight so that filter is off and there's no one to police me except Clarice.

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