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Monday, January 23, 2012

Superglue can fix anything!

Wow, sure wish I had listened to Dr Mark before I spent the $$$ on a co-pay to see a "real dr".  That was an amazing trick and the dr even said I could use it when my fingers split from stitching to much....hey it can happen when the needle is flying.  LOL!  Anyhoo, he said just make sure I wash them  really well before I do it because would want to glue the germs in ....yucky!  I can actually walk without limping but of course, I did get a tube of the special lotion and I have applied it twice a day including while watching tv with saran wrap booties.  I think you could probably do this same trick with any heavy lotion because the saran wrap is just trapping in the heat and really allowing the lotion to penetrate.

I leave in the morning for a business trip to Alabama....yep, that's right where all the storms hit last night.  It seems weird that I'll actually be the one away on a business trip while Mark holds down the homefort.  Of course, unlike his business trips, I'll only be away one night and I have cooked a huge pot of chicken and dumplings along with frosted sugar cookies to tide him over while I'm gone.  Why doesn't he do this for me when he's leaving? 

We had a very lazy weekend of just hanging out at home.  It rained all weekend long and really had huge thunderstorms Saturday afternoon so we just snugged up at home.  We watched everything we had taped while he was gone, watched a couple of movies and I stitched a lot.  It was very relaxing and allowed us to get reconnected before he leaves again on Saturday.  He's headed back to Germany and France for 12 days so I needed some hubby time and this weekend was great.

Well I'm off to stir my dumplings and finish my laundry so I can get packed up.  Lots of estate sales coming up this weekend and since I'll be forced to drive into Atlanta to drop him off at the airport, I'll need to make it a worthwhile trip and stop at a few.

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