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Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine swaps and a wonderful win

I'm just overjoyed that so many of you have signed up for my 4 year blogging anniversary giveaway.  I have already been gathering up some great treasures and can't wait to finish putting everything together.  I just love surprises and creating something for others really thrills me.

Speaking of surprises, I was the lucky winner of Edgar's chart giveaway at Blacksheep's bit of the web and if you aren't following him you should!!!! His stitching is gorgeous and I'm just amazed at how quickly he stitches.  I won the Christmas Band Sampler by Heartstrings Sampling and I want to start it right now but I have a couple of smaller ones to finish first.  Y'all know I don't do WIPs so I'd better get my needle in gear and finish up so I can start it.  I forgot to mention that Edgar is also quite the baker and I've made several of his recipes to rave reviews.

Now on to Amy's Valentine Swap from Bumble Bee Lane and the new friends that I have made.  Amy asked if I'd take 2 partners for this swap and I eagerly agreed because have I mentioned I love creating for others....lol. Now I'll say this I'm not a crafter or particularly talented like the ladies that take part in these swaps but I do put my whole heart into it.  I hope that makes up for my lack of skills!  Just consider yourself warned if you ever get me for a partner. 

My first partner was Lynn from http:lifeonthewieneeranch.blogspot.com and I'm so happy she liked her packages.  She has the sweetest furry babies and I have to say they have started me wanting to adopt a dachshund.  I think Clarice would disown me if I did so I'll just keep reading the doggie's adventures in Lynn's house. So I forgot to take pictures of what I sent Lynn but she posted them on her blog so I copied them.  Just look at that sweet face on this vintage figurine....makes you want to adopt a wiener dog doesn't it?

Next I swapped with Cindi from   http://cindiscountrycorner.blogspot.com/
and what fun it was putting her package together. Cindi is a very proud auntie just like me but unlike me, she's got a baby nephew that she gets to babysit.  It makes me really wish I lived closer to mine in Arkansas but trust me when I say they're not babies anymore but teenagers and young adults so not as much fun to hang out with. Well I think they are fun when they get off the phones, off the games, computers, ect .... and interact with their old fat auntie. LOL!  Anyway just like before I forgot to take pictures so had to snag them from Cindi's blog.

And interesting little tidbit was that Lynn and Cindi both said their favorite candy was Reeses Peanut Butter cups so I thought that was funny.   I think the best thing about Amy's swaps is that you make lifelong, new friends!  It's great because these friends will travel with you no matter where life takes you. 
Well I'm off to snuggle with Clarice because TN has snow moving into our area tonight and we love to watch it fall. Have a great weekend and hope we get snowed in for at least a couple of hours.


  1. Ooh, lots of great goodies! And who doesn't love Reese's PB cups?

  2. Great gifts you gave. =) My first dog as an adult was a miniature dachshund.

  3. Morning Lady Bug, hope you are keeping warm with Clarice....Love all your goodies you gave, so generous....yummy, chocolate, funny they both liked that.......

  4. Oh bother, didn't let me finish.......I found the sweetest stitchery in my mailbox, you brought happy tears to my eyes, so so beautiful Donna, I wanted a Valentine stitchery so bad and here I received one from you. I treasure our friendship and this heartfelt gift, Big Hugs Francine.

  5. Hey, everyone loves Reeses peanut butter cups don't they? My hips show the results! Enjoy your swapping and have a great weekend

  6. Looks like great swaps indeed and blog friends are the best...stay warm and enjoy the snow hugs lil raggedy Angie

  7. My daughter has two dachshunds and three cats! The cats love the doxies and will wash them for hours if the doxies will let them. So, please consider it. I mailed your package last Tuesday, so hopefully it is waiting on you to return to GA! I love all of my goodies! We are suppose to get 6-9 inches tomorrow and tomorrow night. I can't wait. We haven't had a snow like this in a long time!


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