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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Footstool makeover opinions needed

Ok Guys and Dolls, I need some help in deciding what to do with my footstool.  I bought this huge, great big wingback chair and footstool a few years ago at an estate sale for $75 if I remember correctly.  The chair is in our bedroom and the colors fit into that room ok but I would like to recover it eventually but that's not my dilemma right now.  The footstool is in our tv room and not only does the fabric not work but it's starting to fall apart.  We use red and tans in this room and that will continue even when we move (if we EVER get this house sold) so the blue fabric doesn't work.  I thought about burlap but I've never been one to follow trends so that's kinda out in my book. 

Can you see the "mend" that made on this side?
Then I found this twin size quilt top at the estate sale that I went to this weekend...yep the one that I was only going to look at the prims at....anywhooooo.  I paid $15 for it and I bought it thinking about using it on this footstool. The red fabrics are very faded looking and small prints which is wonderful for me.   But now I'm having second thoughts about cutting up someone's hard work and ruining it.  What are your thoughts on this plan?
It's really pretty so am I messing up a good quilt top that someone would love finishing and using in their home?

And why is it the minute you start working on something, the cat will suddenly wake up from her nap no matter where she is in the house and come lay on your project?

We're back in TN this week so I have a few days to ponder this.


  1. Because it's a cat! It is their duty, nay, their quest in life to lie upon the very thing that is holding your interest, be it a laptop, term paper, or x-stitch. You're paying attention to it, they're gonna lie on it.

    I don't know if you'd like the idea, but I think a faux suede tan material would look great on that foot stool. Especially with the dark legs.

  2. Cindy Gay has some pretty rug hooking patterns for footstools. I have an old footstool of my husbands GM and it has a tapestry like material that is heavy material but a timeless style.

  3. There are some gorgeous rug hooked versions of footstools out there.

  4. Oh Donna, I am not so great about decisions....we have just redone a footstool too, but I had a piece of fabric we used. I have cut up quilts, sigh, to do other projects and loved how it turned out. I would use the pretty red, but follow your heart my friend, Hugs Francine.

  5. It seems perfectly-suited to the project, and almost looks as if it could be folded-and-tucked-and-sewn together so that the pattern and ruffle might just fall into place even without cutting.

    I have not a stitching gene to my name, and I completely flunk out on those spread-out-patterns---you know the ones like on the Mensa test which say "which of these put together will make THIS BOX?"

    says rachel, who most fortunately bought two double-packs of Pak-N-Play fitted sheets by mistake, but which perfectly fit her battered, beloved old ottoman, and which can be whipped off every week to run through the Clorox load with the washcloths and socks.

    Not pretty, but with little ones wanting to put their faces where I put my feet . . .

  6. It would be such a shame to cut up the quilt top, you could by a table square like the ones Family Heirloom Weavers make in say an Angstadt pattern and cover it with that. I bought a table square and turned it into a blind

  7. I also think it would be a pity to cut up such a pretty quilt just to use such a small piece of the fabric I´d make a few throw cushions too.

  8. I say go for it! If you don't have A twin bed, and that's why you bought it. Use the majority for the stool, then make pillows from the rest, or backing finishes for ornaments, or little ditty bags... Then YOU'll get to see and love it.


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