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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Swap Goodies and Snow again in GA

 I drove in yesterday from TN because we've got another winter storm moving into our area again.  I know all my northern friends just laugh at us southerners and trust me I do as well because everybody just freaks out.  Panic, Panic, Panic Will Robinson...oh wait that's Danger Will Robinson...well that still works since they've already declared us a disaster area and we've only had a few flakes fall.  I went to the store this morning since we've been gone over a week, I needed just a little bit of everything but shelves were bare.  I felt like Old Mother Hubbard because I don't think I could even find the poor doggie a bone.  I expected milk and bread to be gone but cheese????  There wasn't any shredded cheese to be had or juice or coffee creamer both dairy and powdered.  It was weird but I got a few things and we'll survive.    Mark drove in this afternoon so he beat the weather and we'll just snuggle in with Clarice to enjoy the show.  Trust me that may be all we enjoy because they have had storm coverage on all day again today so no tv.  Argh!

Ok on to some fun goodies from my wonderful swap partners. I posted what I sent to Cindi and Lynn but since I wasn't home I didn't get my packages until I got back here.  Let me just say that I was spoiled and what great friends I have found thanks to Amy from Bumble Bee Lane for hosting such a great swap again.

First I opened Cindi's box and just look at all these goodies.  And Cindi's blog is  http://cindiscountrycorner.blogspot.com
Just look at those sweet little tucks and I put them in the wooden bowl of apples on the kitchen table.  And those cinnamon hearts smell so good so I hung one on the huge cutting board that I brought back from Germany and I put the rest in my basket of cookie cutters.  The love plaque is so sweet and I've got to decide where to put it 'cause it'll stay out all year along with the big "twig" pencil.  As soon as I opened it and Mark saw it he said "Well I guess that's the new grocery list pencil"?  Well of course it will be! That boy knows me all too well.

Then I opened the box from Lynn and what treasures did I find you ask?  It might be better for me to show ya and you can find Lynn at http:lifeonthewieneeranch.blogspot.com
See that cute little crow and heart pillow tuck?  And those wonderful vintage little kid's dishes and muffin tin.  I've always wanted a little tin to put with my cookie cutter so it's just perfect. She also sent me a lot of the salt dough heart ornies which Mark promptly tried to much on. He said "Wow someone sent you sugar cookies" and before I could even tell him what they were he was examining them to eat.  I should say that sugar cookies are his favorite cookies so I promised to make him some since these weren't for him to eat. 

This sweet little dress will stay out all year long in the laundry room.
Now ya see why I said these ladies just spoiled me rotten and now Mark has decided if he can't eat the "sugar cookies" and he's gonna be snow bound the rest of the week then we should go eat a steak right now at Longhorn.  Yummy and he'll get no complaints from me for this idea.


  1. Lots of sweet gigts!!
    Have a great dinner at Longhorn!

  2. Great swaps...enjoy your dinner out..praying the storm isn't too awful unkind...Hugs LIL RAGGEDY ANGIE

  3. Lots of sweet goodies! Hope the big snow isn't so BIG! Stay warm!

  4. Wonderful gifts you have received Donna. Let me know what is happening with your snow!

  5. Oh my, I hope he didn't chip a tooth! I am over joyed that you enjoyed the goodies! After the way you spoiled me, I needed the box to be extra special. Stay safe and warm we are suppose to get 10 to 12 inches of snow. I can't wait! LOL I am at home anyways. I am doing laundry now so everything will be clean if the power goes out. I changed the bed yesterday and put heavy quilts on there so we will stay warm and needless to say the fur-babies are still under the covers this morning. As I am going up and down the steps, I see one of them peek out of under the covers at me, but not interested enough to come out from under the covers LOL They are so spoiled. Have a blessed day!

  6. Morning Donna, wow!!!! so many wonderful goodies from both gals, love it all. The swaps are so much fun, Keep warm and safe my friend, Hugs Francine. ...p.s. adore my stitchery from you, you are a treasure!!!!

  7. Hope you survive the storm with electric intact.

    Pretty goodies.


  8. It's always so much fun to open up a box of goodies and you did very well. This year I think we are breaking records for storms. It seems like one a week. And this week we have 2 coming - tomorrow night and another on Saturday ! Blahhh

  9. Hi Donna,
    I have been checking out all the swaps that Amy had...great gift items.

    Isn't it funny how people THINK they NEED all those grocery items when a storm hits.
    Years ago I think we felt the same way and then when I thought about it and looked at what we actually used of those items we stocked up on, we found we only would have needed the milk and bread. lol
    So now we wait it out - the bad lasts for just a day normally and we can handle that.

    Stay warm!
    Happy Valentine's Day

  10. Those are Beautiful swap gifts you received Donna..especially love that little dress! .I hope you made that guy some cookies before he chipped a tooth!


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